Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Gone! :)

Mum came over today and babysat Ethan while I had kinder duty. Ethan was asleep when we left, and when she went in to get him up she almost died... he was covered with blood! It appears the cyst has finally popped. Yucky, but so good at the same time. At least we have most likely escaped the surgeons knife. And you know how happy I am about that. I'm fiddling with a layout between doing 100 other things, so if I finish it tonight I'll post it.


Lyn Dwyer said...

Katie......that's great if Ethan
doesn't need an op!


Jess said...

That's fantastic Katie! I'm so pleased. Must have been scary for your mum though!


kathie said...

Your poor Mum. She must have had a heart attack! Glad that it seems to be healing itself naturally though.
Love the photos you've been taking.

Julie LOVE said...

Oh YAY!! that it looks like Ethan won't have to have the op but OMGosh at your poor Mum finding him like that...what a shock for her


Sofi said...

Thank goodness all is well ...that Ethan doesn't need an OP, after all. Poor little thing; was it painful for him, Katie? Your poor mum too!