Monday, February 20, 2006

More photos

Work again today. Didn't enjoy it all too much, just couldn't get motivated. And the work never ends. After leaving work I have to pick up the boys, then come home, get dinner organised, put on two loads of washing, vacuum the floor (thanks to my gorgeous boys - one leaving a bowl of cake within reach of the other, who thought it was christmas, and crumbled the entire thing all over the floor and couch!) Get the boys bathed and into bed, kick DH off the computer and start editing photos. So here I sit, 11.00 pm and just started job #2, while everyone else sleeps... no guessing why I'm the tired cranky one LOL.

Had a little incident with Liam in the car this morning. We were waiting to pull out into 100km traffic, two lanes of cars flying by at 100km, and the lady across in the medium strip decided to pull out REALLY slowly (really slowly, like 5km and do a U turn.) The 100km traffic slammed on brakes, cars skidded, and I was sure someone was going to drive into us. And this woman didn't even bat an eyelid! I couldn't believe it, and in shock gasped "bl**dy h@ll" rather loudly. As we continued on our way Liam pops up with "bl**dy h#ll, look at all the triffic!" I was horrified, and shocked and couldn't help but laugh. Thankfully he didn't see me. He's never said a swear word before. I decided to just ignore him, and figured he'd forget it, where as I know if I'd mentioned it, he'd say it again for the attention. And as for me, I'll just have to train myself to use Oh No!

I'd so love to scrap something. Just have to get these photos out though. I've included two of the first I've edited. I have never done a family group, indoors, this big before, so posing them was a bit challenging. I got Brett to drag the bench seat in from outside. It's the same seat we used in the photo I used for my profile, and in the US layout in the previous post. These are my neighbours. It was fun doing their pics... wish I could do this all day instead of going to work. Hopefully soon I will. So if anyone wants pics done, let me know! LOL :D


Janine K said...

I saw your post on kathies blog and came over for a visit as I had noticed your cute layout in FK on ethan and the reflection in his eyes. That was extremely cool!!! It is great that the reflection is still visible even when published in the mag!

Jess said...

It's tough combining work and family, and must be doubly tough when you're doing two jobs like you are. Hopefully it won't be long before you can just concentrate on photography.

I think we're just about due for another photo sitting! I wanted to do it every six months. The boys just had hideous haircuts yesterday though, so I need to let them grow out a little!


Megan said...

You are soo going to be able to do just photos soon. You have such an awesome talent and God knows the desires of your heart!!
Love your work Katie. You are awesome

Carolyne said...

so funnny - kids say the darnest things at the most precious times. love that. you WILL be working for yourself soon girl. i know this little business will balloon soon. hang in there. hugs.

jane fitchett said...

I think i know the intersection youre talking about-its horrible. Chloe's good at picking up on things-the latest is 'what the....' courtesy of 8yr old cousin Liam, after spending the afternoon with him last week -charming!
I agree with the girls-the photography is going to boom, because youre so talented- I sent Lisa your blog link, and just saw her at kinder today, and she just said ooooh ahhh wow!(and id like to book you later on in the year too, didnt even get to talk about that!)

Lyn Dwyer said...

Katie.........gotta love those kids!
I bet you were dying to have a big laugh!
You are doing so well with your won't be long and you'll be full time Photographer.


Rach Axton said...

lmao at Liam.. I can just imagine him saying that in his gorgeous little cutie voice!!!!