Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Crappy days can only get better - right?

First up, thank you all for your lovely comments, both on Ethan's cyst and also on the photography/work stuff. It means a lot that you pop on over and take the time to leave me a message, so thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

Here is my gorgous baby boy! This pic matches the one of Liam with the motorbike. Liam was playing on the mat, driving the cars around, making all the vroom noises, when Ethan waddled over, picked up a car and started pushing it back and forth making the same noises. So funny and cute - had to snap a pic of him too. Unfortunatly he had no nappy on at the time so this was one of the only 'decent' pics :) The scan is a bit wonky, cos of the ribbons.

So today, well the day started well. Alarm went off at 6.00 and Brett and I were both amazed that Ethan slept ALL night! I checked the baby monitor, I thought maybe it had been switched off. I guess now that the cyst has popped he is more comfortable. I can't remember the last time he slept through the night, it was months ago. Around the time of his birthday and just before we saw the naturapath, we had him up screaming hysterically for hours through the night. Glad our neighbour wears a hearing aid! We felt like new parents again, when you have that newborn, and you just don't know what's wrong with them. Lets hope for another good nights sleep tonight.

Anyway, dropped off boys and headed to work.Boss is away at the moment. No sooner was I in the door than boss'-son (I could mention a whole lot of other words here) started on me. He is post-it note mad, and I'm sure between my work days he studies everything I have done/touched looking for a mistake, then leaves quite abrupt messages on post-its all over my office. At first I'd shake it off, but day, by day it's driving me insane! On Monday, he aked me to pay his rent if I went to the bank (like it's my responsibility to make sure his rent gets paid - I have my own bills to pay thanks) anyway I didn't go, and didn't touch his deposit book. So in his arrogant 'my-daddy-pays-you' attitude starts yelling at me for leaving his money out. HELLO - I DIDN'T TOUCH IT! No sooner had he finished with that, he started with another thing. I was soooooo furious! Angry to the point of tears. I can't wait till the day I resign, and I'll buy him a huge box of post it notes as a goodbye pressie :) I'm just too darn nice, but I tell you he came VERY close to copping an ear full back. About 4.00 he started the suck up though. (Insert rasberry face!)

And now I have a customer who is trying to screw me on prices! I tell you, I am CHEAP as it is. I kept my prices low as an introductory thing, to get a client base. But some people are never happy... and it seems to be the ones with money. Those who are your average family, happily pay for what they want. As Brett says, "that's why they have money!" LOL I discounted a little for her, but I'm sticking to my guns on the rest. It is a business after all.

I'm so not into bagging people over the internet, but sometimes ya just gotta vent! And hopefully that was annonomous enough.

But as they say, it can only get better. While I was out getting some lunch I walked past the newsagents and saw the new FK. I had two layouts in there. Thought I only had one. The image was on the old computer so I'll share soon.

I did get 2 reject emails from SM. Funny how they always reject my favourites. I should send them all my crappy ones and see what happens... then again that could just be embarrasing!

Gee, betcha happy ya tuned in tonight girls LOL! Blogging is good therepy.

Ooooh I also stopped on the way home and picked up some skateboarding pads/guards etc for Liam, so now we can go play at the ramp... during the day, while the big kids are in school of course. And hopefully I'll be able to take some nice pics... and hopefully one will match the Making Memories skate tag I have LOL :D

And now, as it seems I need a bit of perspective in my life I'll go and re-read Tara's blog, and realise that really, I have nothing to be complaining about!


jane said...

hi there miss Katie
love that layout-was thinking of doing black stitching on the lo i started laate the other night too ( if i ever get to it), looks really good!
im glad Ethans feeling better,too, and lucky you to sleep all night-my day started at 4.30am this morning-having major troubles getting both to bed, and then to stay asleep all night.ohhh well!
and your bosses son is such a charmer hey! i hope his dad is not away too long. just think about the day you leave- im sure its not too far away!!
have a good night, Im off to get some sleep!

Lyn Dwyer said...

Katie........hope you got a good night's sleep last night.

As for the boss's son.........he doesn't even deserve any post-it about giving him a shopping list he can do his own shopping, paying bills, etc. LOL!


Megan said...

So sorry you had a crappy day Katie. Sucks when people at work are always trying to undermine your work. Have had a similar experience. Hang in there - hopefully you won't have to for long though!!
And that client screwing you for photos - what a tightass! Stick to your guns love. This is your work and you are a top photographer and you are worth every cent you charge. Hope you have a better day today!

Sofi said...

Katie, chin up, you are a brilliant photographer (and scrapper!), hopefully you can turf the job and concentrate on photography full time. So glad to hear that Ethan is on the mend. I absolutely adore the layout of Ethan, it is so whimsical and cute. Love your style girl!

kathie said...

Stick to your guns with your pricing, girl! Yeah, some people just want everything for free. But your DH is right - that's how come they've got money :)
Your bosses' son sounds like a d&^head. I would have lost it with him. Don't you just wish that you could tell him what you think. Just once. I hate that.
And as for SM, my advice would be to do exactly that - send them your old stuff. That's all that they were choosing of mine, lol!