Saturday, December 06, 2008

Wardrobe doors!

Here we go with before and after piccies:
(You can tell I'm a portrait photographer, I don't have a wide angle lens. 28mm is as wide as I have, so I can't get much in the pic despite their rooms actually being quite big.

Before: Liam's room. His wardrobe is a bit smaller because the heater return vent is taking some of his wardrobe space (that bit of wall on the right, but the vent actually comes out the other side of the wall, in our family room). So for the past 4.5 years his wardrobe has looked like this. A coat rack he was given for his 2nd birthday holds his coats and dressing gown, hats etc, then the two tubs hold shoes in one, and bags in the other (how many backpacks does a kid need?) Most of his clothes were stored in a chest of draws on the other side of the room. But he had just turned 2 when we moved in here, so all his little tiny size 1 clothes fitted easily into the chest of draws. Moving on now to size 6 clothes, and I can't get anywhere near all of his clothes into the draws. So a lot of his stuff is now stored out in the family room in an Ikea unit with baskets for draws.

And stage 1 of after shots: WE HAVE DOORS!
I didn't want mirrored doors (obvious cleaning issues there), or laminate doors because I want to be able to paint them if/when I change the colour of the walls, but everyone seems to think I had two heads when I said I didn't want either of those LOL. And because the doors are higher than usual (I think they are 8ft or maybe 9ft or something), we couldn't get regular hollow fill doors, so we ended up with wooden ones, which I'll paint, and because of the size of them they had to go within frames so they wouldn't buckle or bend. We like very basic decorating with little decoration etc, so wanted really simple, clean lined plain doors. But the silver looks OK I think. Door handles etc throughout the house are silver (or brushed chrome).
Despite the fact that we have a spare room, the boys want to share, so Liam's room being the biggest will become their room, and the baby will go into Ethan's room. I'll share more piccies of the rooms as they develop :)

And Ethan's room before:
Bit of timber in there waiting to be made into parcel shelves, and the chest of draws Nat lent me while I was pregnant with Ethan LOL. All of Ethan's clothes are in those draws. There used to be a toy box to the left of the draws but it was deep and he kept tipping it over trying to get to the toys, so it got replaced with a few underbed baskets 'for the time being' (we have lots of those 'for the time being' things around here LOL) And the little shelves on the other side hold books, and a basket of shoes.

And After: With the doors on this one looks a lot wider. Liam lost about 1ft of his wardrobe with the heater vent, so the other two (spare room too, but didn't take a pic in there) are about 1ft wider. Good thing I suppose, if it's going to be a girls room LOL.

On a side note, what do you think of that light blue paint. It matches the cot bedding and rocking chair which also has pink, green and yellow in it, and I still ADORE that fabric, so I'm planning on keeping the wall blue and just adding a bit more pink. It's not too boyish is it? I'll post more piccies as this room develops too.
So my jobs for today: Pull the doors off (well Brett's job) and then I'll paint them, between editing Niamh's photos, while Teeds and Brett build the shelving inside! WHOOOOOOOOOOOT and then I can dig out/buy more coat hangers and hang clothes up!! So expect more photos.
And I realise this is absolutly boring to anyone else except me... and possibly Kathie LOL. But geez it's darn exciting for me.


Megan said...

Those doors look awesome Katie. You guys won't know yourselves.
As for the blue paint, I think it's fine. Anything goes these days. You could always put some cute girly wall stickers up.
I love these ones (a little pricey but so so cute)


jane fitchett said...

oh, you wont know yourself- you can never have enough storage!!!

i will add to the sticker sites- found a couple at a great market i went to friday night

Nic Wood said...

They look great, Im so jelous! Im considering putting built ins in Jacintas room - I really need some more storage space.

I still have the blue wall in Jacintas room, and it looks good. Breaks up the pink a bit! I will post some pics of hers now she is in the cot as soon as I get her pics I did up on the wall.

Leanne Stamatellos said...

wow - doors!
that will be great once they are painted up - they'll finish the room off for you!

oh, love the photos on the next post - the 1st one is my favourite. Just bought my 40D and also a 24-70L lens - need some more play time now.

kathie said...

Oh yes, I'm envious. You betcha!
Looking good too, Katie.

And the blue will look great with a bit of pink, I reckon. Nic (Wood) did that at her place and Jacinta's room looks gorgeous with the blue feature wall.