Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mylanta - Myfriend

Say no more.
I didn't get as much done over the weekend as I wanted to. Got two coats of basecoat onto the boys doors, but no actual paint as yet. And have not even touched the spare room ones. Liam's wardrobe has the shelf/rail in it now, but Ethan's doesn't. Wrong size wood or something, has bought the (D?)H some more time. Will get around to adding pics.
Picked up their sheets and bedding this week, so we are getting there. They'll be in there soon and then we can start bub's room. Also picked up my sewing machine yesterday too.... now that will be a funny experience. My mum is a professional dressmaker, so I've never had a need to learn to sew, and well, mum teaching me always ends up a bad idea LOL So I'm going it alone! (Well to start with)
Had some more acupuncture yesterday. Feeling a lot better today. Was feeling VERY SORE the last week. Also been having a bit of fake labour. Bit early for that little one!! What is it with my uterus? Grrrrr. Does it have a built in ejector seat or something?
School chrissy concert tonight, and we really should be getting ready for school right now. Only jumped on to check the emails and bank balances. Hoping the rain holds off for tonight.


Tara said...

I hear you on the Mylanta, but it's Rennies for me.

Nic Wood said...

LOL - that mylanta brings back memories. I found fruit tingles worked a treat too - and taste better!

You better have a chat to that sweet little girl and tell her to stay put for a bit longer yet!

Cant wait to see what you do with the kids rooms

Nic xxx