Monday, April 07, 2008


We went into the Garden Show today. Well OMG do big crowds/heavy traffic/lack of parking bring out the VERY WORST in people!! We had our carpark snatched not once, but twice. First time we were sitting there indicating when two old dotts in a little black car snapped up the inside of us and took the park. Brett quite politely said 'excuse me I was going in there' and old dott (bag) #1 just looked at him and said 'no I am' and did. Rude b!@#$. Second time we spoke to a girl who was leaving and had her park all teed up. It was one of those in the centre of the road where you can come in from either side. We were infront of her, so whipped around the back so we could drive straight in after she came out. Sat there indicating and waiting while she unpacked everything and got in her car and then as she started to drive out this woman stood in the carpark to block us, while her husband came in from the other side. Brett's window was still open and she came up to the car SCREAMING at him that "we've been waiting for this park" and would not let him get a word in. Her husband just nudged his car in further and further. Full on psyco chick.... (I have her pic LOL) Hope they got tickets. We eventually found a park and had quite a nice day. Pitty rude people had a chance to leave their mark on it though. Grrrrrr.


Tam said...

I am loving all these pics of your gorgeous boys! And GRRRRR about your parking woes - Rog would have been ropeable - parking is the bane of his existence!

Megan said...

I would so put her photo on your blog just to shame her!! LOL.
I hate carpark wars - people really suck sometimes.

Tanya said...

Isn't that so typical... people can be so rude... reminds me of a time when hubby had just had surgery & was on crutches... we were waiting to park at Pacific Fair, hubby was indicating, the car pulled out & we were just about to drive in, when this young couple just dove in! well hubby went off, got out of the car (on his crutches) & told them what he thought... they were very apologetic and moved their car, I still have to wonder if it was the crutches that helped make up their minds!!

Anyway these photos are gorgeous, love the colour & the sunflare... and that last one... so cute! So glad that rude people didn't ruin your day!!

Carolina said...

Wow Katie, what a way to start your day out! So glad you didnt let it ruin it though :) Love the pics of course, you're just amazing with that camera in hand!

jane fitchett said...

gorgeous light in those photos katie :)