Saturday, April 05, 2008

[raspberry and white choc muffins]

YUMM. I didn't get to take a pic of the finished thing... they disapeared as soon as they were half cool enough to touch. Will have to make some more. Ethan was at childcare so Liam helped me bake [and clean the dishes ;) ]

Yup, he likes his mummas cakes - heheehehehe.

And a special one for Leonna... for the coloured walls in the previous pic you need to head here. Recognise this place?? These were taken on our mega photoshoot day with Connie and Jorja. These poor kids were put through the wringer with photos. It was such a hot day, and they stuck it out and did so great location after location after location. This was the last spot and geez did Connie and I have to work HARD to get some half decent pics out of them here. How cute are miss J's messy-buns. Hahaha, I could just gobble her up. Ethan is doing a runner with one of my fingerpuppets.

I did a shoot on the beach this morning for a gorgeous little family. Then Ange and I headed up to Ikea. Ange got lots... I got a few things. We still managed to fill Brett's car (all by ourselves... Brett still holds the record for the amount of stuff he got in there, but we did well).

Ange had to deck out her SALON. She's opening her very own hair salon this week. Whoooo hoooo. If you want a contact for a great hairdresser in Mt Martha, let me know :)

OK. less chatter, more photos. Lots of photos of late.


Natti said...

OMGosh I can't wait to see your house - it looks SO STUNNING in the background of your pics lately...

Tanya said...

My do those muffins sound yummy! Looks like Liam had some tasty fun... and what a champ for helping to clean up! I have to agree that your house looks amazing!

Rowena said...

man...I just got past being envious of your bathroom...and now I see your stove LOL
great pics as always Katie :)