Thursday, April 03, 2008

[roley poley boy]

Obviously not taken today. Goodbye Summer :(

(just found these tonight while going through some older files... as in Feb - not that old)

Also meant to mention that Sal asked me to contribute some photo tips every month to the Scrap of Faith blog. I've just done the first one. Hope it's helpful. It's hard knowing where to 'start'.


Nic Wood said...

loved your first sof photo tutorial katie...very helpful and well written for thoses of us with very limited photographic knowledge.

nic xxx

Tanya said...

Fantastic tutorial Katie! beautiful blog too!

These are great!!!! Ethan looks like he was having a blast! he has the most amazing smile.... love the last one... so cute!!

welcome to my world said...

love the photo's babe.
ethan is growing up!
chat soon