Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Quick sneak peek

I've been promising Connie a sneak peek of my artmount storyboard I had made up so I seeing as I FINALLY (it's been a while LOL) got around to photographing it etc I thought I'd give the rest of you a peek too. It's in a hard spot to get to to photograph it well, and ignore the colour blah, blah, blah (you know I can take ok pics when I need to ;) )

So this is my hallway... just after my enterence. Would you still call it an enterence hall? I don't know. Anyway, this is the place I dump the school bags etc. and that there on the wall, is my precious big boy and his pics of him fishing at the creek. (and some orders waiting to go out) Better view of the pics. Those pics are 12" high, the board is 20"x40"
And fresh from the US... my gallery wrap canvas. I picked it up this morning from the post office. I AM SO HAPPY WITH THIS!!! I know the pic won't do it justice, because I really had no clue just how good it would look until I opened the box. It's awsome. I love it :) Got this one done as my sample for work.

The before and afters :) Three years later he looks like this. You can just hear him too huh. Look at him LOL He's loud alright :) Cracks me up.


Natti said...

Nice!! I know how much you've been looking forward to these :)
Your orders look so nicely packaged too. Do you have business stickers??

Tam said...

Oh, they are just perfect! Love them both. If I had a gorgeous feature wall like that, I would definitely need me one of those storyboards!

jane fitchett said...

oh, very, VERY nice :)

have a look at that cheeky Ethan- ive got one just like him at home too LOL


Anonymous said...

They look fabulous Katie...even better in the flesh ;)

L xx

Nic Wood said...

THese look stunning Katie, you must be thrilled with them.

Off to check out more of your recent shoots!

Nic xxx

Tanya said...

Oh WOW.... the storyboard is awesome!!! so loving the canvas, it's just too precious! Ethan's expression cracks me up! Katie you should be really proud... amazing work as always!!!