Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Little lick of colour.

Not the greatest expressions, but this entire shoot, including the red chair pics from the previous post, and a few more to come in the next post, were all done in under half an hour. And that includes strapping two kids into the car and driving to two locations. It was freezing, and in the end the boys ended up soaked... so this will do. I was actually playing with the overcast conditions and colour, so I wasn't too fussed about expressions - they'll do :)

Still surounded by sickies. I AM NOT GOING TO GET IT! I'm on the Olive Leaf Extract, and that had want to work, cos it tastes disgusting!! And some other superjuice thing, and aiming to get lots of sleep. Can not be sick for Saturday!! I'm meeting someone a bit spesh on Saturday ;)

Seems I am meant to clean up my house big time before then too. Last night Brett decided to fill the spa and run disinfectant through it so that the jets all get a clean out. Works well, but after emptying it he didn't actually clean it out, so this morning I got a nice surprise and ended up spending a good chunk of the morning cleaning up the mess. Then after cleaning up breaky and taking Liam to school - I'd left Ethan at home with Brett - I hear Brett call out from the kitchen "what the heck has happened in the pantry?!!" Thinking Ethan probably got into some bickies or something and left crumbs everywhere I went to inspect. I have to say I was quite surprised to find my walk in pantry *covered* (totally covered) with red splashes. A FULL bottle of pizza sauce EXPLODED!! OMG the mess! I just had to laugh, and then I ended up in total hysterics over it. Then I had to clean it. By the time I'd finished the first shelf I was over it. I have a pretty big pantry, it was a big job. Every shelf, everything on everyshelf, the floor, the inside of the doors, the walls, the 9ft ceiling... EVERYTHING was covered and needed to be scrubbed down.

So... my bathroom and kitchen are now nice and clean. Wonder what room God would like me to clean tomorrow :)


Tanya said...

Great photos Katie! man you did that in under half an hour! you rock!!! Oh the pantry episode... that is terrible that the bottle exploded not to mention dangerous!! I think God should give you the rest of the week off from house cleaning duties!! I'd say you've done more than enough LOL.

Megan said...

The pantry incident is just one of those moments when all you can do is laugh. Look on the bright side, bar any other explosions, you shouldn't have to clean your pantry for awhile. LOL!
Warding off the sick germs for you. Be gone evil germs.