Friday, March 28, 2008

[silly sausage]

He's sick, sick, sick right now. Really nasty chesty thing. He hurts. He can't sleep. He just wants to be cuddled. He's crying a lot. But he still managed a little funny fit. And he's still so super cute. [and yes, he needs a bit of a haircut]


Rowena said...

they are all a bit cute. I am in awe of your photography :)

kazy2004 said...

Hi Katie,

your boys are very sweet. All of your photos are wonderful, but the sunset is divine. Hope to catch ya again soon,

Cheers Karen

Tanya said...

Hi Katie,

I hope Ethan feels better soon!! he's such a cutie! I too am in awe of your photography... it just blows me away!
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog... it meant heaps! and you are welcome to drop in as often as you like :)


kathie said...

Aww, the little munchkin :). Love, love, love all the photos you've been posting lately katie. Your boys are both handsome young men!

Anonymous said...

those boys are growing way too fast Katie - unbelievable !!!

and yes, they are spunky to say the least.
Leanne Stamatellos