Saturday, March 29, 2008

[cuddles and books]

Still coughing. Still sore. Still crying lots. Still can't sleep. Still doesn't want to take his medi. Still doesn't want mumma out of sight. At least his troubles can be soothed with a cuddle and a story. Lots of stories. Even more cuddles. And the odd icepole doesn't go down too bad either.

One more day closer to being better.


Tanya said...

A lovely quiet moment together.... so special! Hope he gets better real soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,

Just popped in to see what you guys have been up to.

Poor are such a good mum Katie....books and cuddles...what more could a boy want from his mumma?

I have loved reading your blog girl to catch up on all your news....

We need to catch up real soon with Jess for a coffee.....

Lyn Dwyer

kathie said...

Poor loves. I hope he's feeling better soon. Beautiful photo.

jane fitchett said...

my kids are the same when theyre not well- hope he's better very soon

Natalie Mardon said...

Ohhh, poor little monkey. Prayers for quick healing for Ethi.

Sarah said...

Hi Katie,
I am hoping Ethan is much better today. There is nothing worse then when they are sick. Only Mumma's will do...(:

I love that shot too.. was that Liam or Brett??

Take care