Saturday, March 22, 2008

On the roads at Easter

We all know what a dangerous time it is to be on the roads at Easter. Please take care if you are travelling, and if you have small kiddos like us, check this out!

I know we get lazy with the car seats. We are 'supposed' to use Ethan's baby type car seat in my car with Liam in a large booster. But then in Brett's car, to save undoing the babyseat all the time, we generally use the large booster for Ethan, and put Liam in a lap type booster. I won't be doing that anymore. Today we are off to Red Hill Show, if I can get hubby out of bed, but I'll be switching over those carseats before we go! I know I am a bit freaky about car safety and I WILL NOT let my kids ride in the front seat, regardless of who else is 'allowed' to (Liam always see's kids from school/kinder travelling in the front and gets anoyed that he's not allowed.

Must go get ready. The JW's are out in force this morning!!


Sarah said...

HI katie,
You know how i feel about this..I could not believe the amount of customers I used to get that had no education at all on Child restraints. It is not there fault there is nothing out there. Just awful... Seriously something needs to be done on it...

I know what you mean about the front seat there is no way my kids are in the front at all. Bek has has just come out of her booster because her eye level is at the top of the booster seat.

This has also reinforced to me that i need to put her back into a 5 point harness...she is only 22kg.

Thanks for the reminder..

take care

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter and thanks so much for this reminder. I will be sending it on to friends who are far too casual about car safety. Some who have let their kids sit in the front since kinder without even a booster. Thank goodness it is finally becoming law. I know I also sometimes get slack too and think, it's only around the corner the big booster will be fine instead of the child car seat...not anymore!
Look forward to seeing you next weekend! :)

Leonna xx