Friday, March 21, 2008

I'm an auntie again!!

My brother and SIL had their sweet little baby yesterday. A little girl - Mia Grace. I LOVE her name. I actually borrowed a naming book from Sharnie when I was pregnant with Ethan, and every name in the book we liked had been marked by them, so I guess we have similar taste in names. She's a sweet little sister to Will and I just can not wait to meet her and have a cuddle... and of course take lots of pics!

Well I'm not sure how we got to 3/4 of the way through March already! Not sure where this year has gone, so just to wrap up the past few weeks.

Liam lost his first tooth! It was a bit wobbly, then he came running out of shool to meet me yelling excitedly "my tooth cracked!" I looked and it was doing the 'hanging my a thread' thing. eeeoooow. Later that night, in the bath, he lost it. Poppy helped there. The tooth fairy came, and that was interesting. Brett and I at 11pm at night, arguing over the tooth fairy's methods. In our house when I was little, we put the tooth under our pillow and in the morning there was money there. In Brett's house, you put the tooth in a glass of water in your room, and when you woke up there was money in the glass of water. Anyway.... she came, and that was so so exciting! Two days later he lost the other tooth. But when we went to put it out it was gone!!! I sent him off to brush his teeth, and thankfully I'd tucked the first one away safely for keepsakes, so I grabbed that and popped it in, telling him I'd found it.

He's loving school. Loving the all boys grade. Just slots straight in perfectly. He is a really easygoing kid though and has always made friends very easily. He's just started bringing home readers (I think they held the boys class off for longer, because all the other preps had theirs a lot earlier) and already he's doing really well. He loves reading his reader with me, and thinks he so clever to be able to read to Ethan (even if he's not technically reading, but remembering the story), and Ethan now things he can read too, of course. (Ethan thinks he's also 6). I am so glad that we held Liam back though. Seeing him at school, seeing the work he brings home, seeing his attitude towards work, seeing how he deals with tricky situations - he just would not have coped with it all last year. It's very funny to see him explain concepts such as sharing to Ethan using the 'You Can Do It' methods they use at school. It's hilarous to overhear his conversations. He's just grown up so much in the past few weeks.

He's just come down with yet another cold. Combine that with two missing teeth and his speech has kind of gone out the window. Need to get that referal for the adenoinds! I was told last year that his speechy at school was the same speechy at this school and she told me that she had him on her books and not to worry, that she'd pick him up again this year and he'd go straight in. Well, when I asked about it, I was told she left and no longer does it, so he's on the list to be assessed and again... because he's done two years of speech therapy, he's at the bottom of the list again. Geez it's frustrating. I know their are kids who are worse than him, but because we got off our butts and did something about it early he ends up being punished for it. Once you start with a speechy, they don't kick you out because you are 80% done, but if you are 80% done, it's SO hard to get in!! And last year he had a tendency to stutter (although he did not stutter once since the last day of kinder!) and this year he no longer has that, so he's no longer a 'high risk' child. Even though it's hard to understand him. I'm bummed that he got this cold over the school holidays because I'd really love them to see how hard it is to understand him when he's got a cold... and he gets a lot of colds. Well, I'll get that referal going anyway, and a new hearing test done again.

Ethan... he's as good as always. Typical 3yo, knows exactly what he wants and oh boy, don't try and change his mind or tell him NO. Geez can he throw a tanty when he wants to! But most of the time he's just delicious, gorgeous, cheeky and three. He's constantly comming out with new words and understanding concepts that just really surprise me. Today he was telling me over breakfast that he goes to .... (name of Liam's school), and I told him one day he will. Then he said, he does go to school because he wants two vitamins and if he goes to school then he can have two vitamins LOL. Liam gets two, Ethan gets one and a smartie. Makes me laugh how they put things together in their little minds.

Housewise... believe it or not, there are not really any projects going on right now! First time in what, almost 4 years!! Probably cos I have no money left at the moment to do any projects LOL.

Work wise. I've been busy reworking my pricelists, packaging, logos, samples etc. And am doing another wedding on Monday for a friend.

School holidays are here, and I had lots of fun stuff planned again, but now Liam is sick :( Hopefully he can get rid of that quickly. I'm feeling all inspired with my photography at the moment, but wanting to take it all in a different direction. I love having the kids around on the holidays and being able to practice and try out new things on them. Fun fun.

And of course it was CFK's last week. What an awsome day that was!! And what an awsome amount of money we were able to raise! Click on the Crop for Kids logo at the top to take you to the blog for updates. Thank you so much to everyone who participated to help us raise such a fantastic figure for such a great cause.


Megan said...

Congrats on becoming an aunty again. Loving the new look blog. May have to get you to make me a blog header. LOL. It looks awesome!!

Sarah said...

Hey Katie,
Congrats on becoming an Aunty again. Love her name too.. OHH a little girl to play with the boys how exciting for you all...

Love the look of your blog...

Take care

kazy2004 said...

Hi Katie.

What a sweet name, can't wait to see pics. I know a private speech therapist if you are interested. Sometimes it is the quickest way to go. and I know it shouldn't be that way, but there are so many kids with issies, and even at work the waiting list is 3 or more months. So if you can afford it, even just while you are waiting. Let me know if you want her details, she is lovely. Although it would mean travel, she is in Aspendale I think.
Have a wonderful weekend, and I hope the germs clear form your house.
Cheers Karen Y

Anonymous said...

Congrats on becoming an Aunty again~ a cute little bubba you can play with and then hand back...bonus, LOL! Can't wait to see some piccies.

Anonymous said...

Oooops forgot my name.

Leonna ;)