Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Tuesday 5th February

(Ugh, does that pic bring back memories! Ouch!! Trying and trying to get that posterior baby to turn around. Boys huh, don't know which way is up, he was also breech until 2 days before he was born) This pic was about 7pm. Nine hours into it, four to go...

Skipped a few pics inbetween that and this LOL Not really for www viewing.
11.04pm he arrived. This was just minutes after. Brett was so shaky he couldn't get a clear pic. Cracks me up that I got it, when I was the one who had just gone through 12.5hrs of labour!

Then next day. The first time Liam saw his baby brother. His first words "the bubby come out."

Three years ago today:

My baby turns THREE today! What a little blessing he has been. He's a cheeky little monkey alright, but he's just a beautiful little boy and such a blessing.

When we went to Ikea the other week, he would not get out of the 'egg seat'. He quickly ate some lunch and then headed straight back to the seat to play in it while we finished off our lunches. (He was only a few metres from our table). We decided we'd get him one for his birthday pressie. He LOVES it!

We had chocolate cake after dinner. Just us (BKL&E)

He started swimming lessons today. He did enjoy it, but he WOULD NOT smile! Not once!


carolyne said...

first of all, I thought you were going to be sharing some news by just the first photo until i scrolled down. don't the kiddies just grow up way too fast. so glad Liam enjoyed his first day and it's okay to cry, I still cry and mine is in year 12. hugs.

Megan said...

I still can't believe he is 3. Has that just flown by or what!!
I'm so with you on taking the photos after birth. Andrew was shaking all over the place trying to get a picture too so I had to take them - after 12 hours of labor as well. Men, hey!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday wishes to Ethan. I hope he had a fabulous day. 3 already wow how time flies!

Liam looks adorable in his school uniform. What a pity he got hurt on his first day. That naughty stick giving him a blood nose gggrrrr.

I hope he is having lots of fun now and enjoys being there with the other children. Excellent photos as always.

Have a great weeka Katie. From Susan (smiles1965) at Scrap Pile.

Anonymous said...

Labour photos...scary, but such a special time. I'm like you, I relive my labours each year, watching the clock and thinking, 'wow at this time I was...'. I kind of wish all that excitement of babies wasn't over.

Glad he had a great birthday. I loved the cupcakes!

Leonna ;)