Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Liam's first day of school

He's a preppy! I have to admit I was a bit nervous. He had no desire to go. Wasn't interested in the new shoes, or the new lunchbox. Didn't care that he could see some of his kinder friends at lunch time. Wasn't fussed that he'd get to see some of his pre-prep friends (five of them went to the same school, 2 in one class - Liam's, and 3 in another class), or have lots of new friends to meet. No matter what I tried to pep him up and help him look forward to it, nothing seemed to work. I was pretty much resigned to the fact that he'd cry, and then so would I.

He didn't start until 9.50 as they staggered their arrivals. We dropped Ethan off at childcare and L (his carer) made a big fuss of Liam and how wonderful he looked in his new uniform and even got him to pose for a photo. Then it was off to school. We met daddy at the gate and as we all started to walk in together I noticed Liam had dropped behind. I turned around and there he was, in tears with his hand over his mouth and nose. He stepped on a stick and it flicked up and whacked him in the nose. Gave him a blood nose. Poor thing! Of all the mornings, it had to happen on the first day?! We finally calmed him down and got to his classroom door. But he had blood on his nose, and didn't want anyone to see him like that, so I had to sneak into the classroom for a tissue to fix him up before he'd go in. I thought for sure he would have a meltdown. We got in and met his teacher. He hung his bag up and sat down at a table to do a puzzle and said "bye mummy and daddy". And that was it. We left, Brett went back to work. I went home, sat down to work.... and bawled my eyes out LOL

Went back to pick him up in the afternoon, and he came bounding out. Chatted non-stop the whole way home and bounced around all afternoon. Although he didn't say a lot, it was obvious that he had a good time. He said he made some new friends, but he can't remember their names yet. After picking him up we headed up to get Ethan, then stopped at Brett's work so Liam could tell him all about his day, and then one final stop at the shop for a celebratory icecream.

Some piccies of the little munchkin in his new uniform.

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