Wednesday, December 19, 2007

silly season

* I started my Christmas shopping last Wednesday... almost done, just B's parants to do, and I want him to help me with that one. And my sister.
* Wishing I'd taken the two huge loads of washing off the line, as it's now pouring with rain.

* Thought I'd finished with the tests and stuff, but I haven't. Have had so many blood tests now I feel like a pin-cushion, and am sure I've had at least a litre of blood drained from me. Last appt with my doc today, as she leaves for maternity leave tomorrow :( But I'll see her DH instead, as she still wants him to keep her informed LOL. She's so beautiful and caring. Have some meds to try and we are hoping that does the trick.

* Got my last pre Christmas delivery out today. Phew! That was a lot of work in the past few months. Still have one more to edit, and another to shoot over Christmas - but the weather looks yuck so not sure about that one.

* CAN. NOT. WAIT. to go camping after Christmas. Seriously. More excited than Liam I think. :D

* I treated myself, for putting up with all the poking and prodding and testing and bought 2 new American Crafts albums. Finally found 8.5x11 D rings! Then treated myself again and bought the new Becky Higgins sketches book. Then treated myself again and ordered some Stampin Up stuff. (Think I may be working this one for all it's worth with DH? LOL) Well I have to fill those albums. Need to order some more.

* Liam had his first ever school Christmas concert/carols night. Was very cute. He said he had fun, but he looks as bored as ever in the pics. All the preps and pre-preps were so tired.

* It's getting REALLY hard to get up in the morning. Can't wait for holidays. We are all exhausted.

* Have been working on my activity stash, and have stacks for the kiddos to do over the holidays. Still working on it too. It's all bagged up in themed activities, and then all the bags are in a plastic tub in the laundry cupboard. I even made an outdoor blackboard/painting easel. All by myself.

* Lost 5kg in two weeks. Kept it off (just some days!) for almost 2 weeks. Lets see if I can keep that one up over Christmas. I can now get back in my jeans Whooo hoooo.

* I scrapped. Had to put that Becky book to good use. I was a bit iffy about buying it as it was plastic wrapped so I couldn't open it and take a peek. Took a chance and have to say I love it. Have read it cover to cover so many times. Have about 30 post-it notes sticking out the top of it. Want to see some? Here you go.
Our crazy morning routine. It's full on every morning in our house. And yes the greylead lines are supposed to still be there in this one. I like the look of it so I left them.
My boys dinking each other around the deck, on Ethan's little bike.
I downloaded some Cars colouring sheets and had them in one of my holiday activity packs (Cars themed one of course). Liam found them and wanted to do them... like NOW. I need to reprint them, and I've found a better place to hide the stash until the holidays begin. After he coloured in the pics, I scanned them and printed them on photo paper. I actually really like the way they turned out and am thinking about doing this but framing them for his room. In big frames with wide mats.
Last Wednesday night (a week already? How did that happen?!) The big pic is him and his teacher Monica. Tiny bit obsessed with Doodlebug letter stickers too... you may have noticed ;)
Ethan's operation in May to repair his hernia (which is in EXACTLY the same place Brett had one, while I was pregnant with Liam. Genetic weakness in that muscle I think!)
Probably should say MiMMY, but I didn't have 3 m's so this is how it is. I love the little splash of pink on an otherwise boyish layout. Oops, must write on the jewellery tag! Oh and this one IS NOT supposed to have the greylead lines still. I've rubbed them out now.


Anonymous said...

i love when you scrap and i too lashed out and got me some american craft albums, going to buy more once i land on USA soil. i hope all is well with you and hope a little something came in the post for you. i'm scared mr postie has lost it. hugs to you my dear friend. - carolyne

Tam said...

Hope you don't have to be a pin cushion for too much longer, sweet. Loving those layouts lots! I just bought my first AC D-ring album too, and love it to bits! Definitely need more!

Gayle Smith said...

Hey Katie!
Great LOs too. Just had a little giggle about the He Calls You Mimmy LO.....Mimmy is what aboriginals call My sister is a midwife and she delivers alot of aboriginal bubs so she knows all the right terms. Very cute.
Have an awesome christmas Katie!!!!!!

Nat-Mardon said...

You HAVE been busy, I love em!! New book sounds good! And good on you for treating yourself, you certainly deserve it after the last few weeks you've all had :) Prayers and lots of hugs OK!!