Tuesday, December 11, 2007


It may seem like I've been scrapping up a storm, but really, only a few of them are recent (as in from the last month or so), the rest are just a huge backlog of layouts I hadn't uploaded.

On the way to school the other morning Liam and I were wracking our brains trying to remember a song he was taught on the first day of kinder. Finally we managed to remember it, and I knew that was something I wanted to scrap so I wouldn't forget it in the future. The song is called Two Little Fingers.

The day he rode on two wheels for the first time :)

His shaggy haircut, and the battle between Brett and I to cut it or grow it ;)

My sneaky little monkey making himself a nutella sandwich under his bed, when I told him he couldn't have another snack because I was cooking dinner. Look at the face though, how can you tell that sweet little face off?

Ethan's first bath at hospital. Look at Liam, he was just 3yrs, 3mths and 3days old :) These are Scrapware heart and brackets. Still loving Scrapware, and loving that I have three big boxes under my desk of the stuff :)

A collection of the stickers Liam comes home from school with, and the reasons behind getting them. Usually being kind, helpful and friendly, and also from speech therapy.

Ethan's second birthday. I woke up really sick on the morning of his party and we had to cancel it. He went to mums for a mini party with his cousins, and Brett's parents came over the next night for cake. About time I scrapped this seeing as he'll be 3 soon!

Ethan doesn't like sticky fingers, so when I gave him an orange recently and didn't cut it up, he climbed down from the table and got a tea towel from the draw.

Just a funny pic.

My first attempt at making playdoh. (Scrapware hands)

Ethan started to 'fail to thrive' in utero when the placenta started to pack up, and lost weight before birth. So he had really loose skin. Reminded me of the Saggy Baggy Elephant. This is also the pic I use on my business cards.

Ethan checking out the Chrissy decorations his first Christmas. Crafty Matters ceramics.

Old pics I found of Liam when he first worked out buttons.

Liam enjoying a hot milo in bed on morning.

Just a pic I love.

Eth's baby room which is now a big boy room.

Another pic I love.

Phew that took ages. The batteries in my keyboard and mouse are both going flat.


kathie said...

Wow. So many beautiful layouts all at once! Thanks for sharing them Katie. Love the one with the paper pieced tree :) Well, I love them all! But that one's just so darn cute.

Anonymous said...

awesome layouts :)
and awesome photos from the other day too!
hope work is starting to ease up

Rowena said...

*shock* - you have been busy!
They are all gorgeous LO's Katie :)

Katie said...

I love all your LOs Katie! They are fantastic! I love your style of scrapping! I especially love the way you displayed those stickers in the stickers LO and that cute paper piecing in One moment please! Love those cute little button flowers and the birdy in the tree! Your LOs have given me lots of inspiration - now I just have to find some time to scrap!

Katie :)

Leanne Stamatellos said...

holy moly - beautiful selction of layouts - all so great !

Jorja said...

Love all your layouts Katie, they are all just gorgeous...! Jorja

Nic Wood said...

tfs Katie, it was wonderful to see all those LOs together. they are all just beautiful.

Nic xxx

Megan said...

Wow wow wow wow wow. So much inspiration there Katie. Thanks again for sharing your work with us. Love the saggy baggy photo. He was so little.

Cass said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing these with us. Love them all.

Stitchingmum said...

Katie, I wanna be you when I grown up *grin*.

Anonymous said...

WOW....Katie...love all these creations........you have been busy......

Karen L said...

Katie what beautiful layouts - love the memories you are creating with them. LOve your choice of colours and papers also.