Saturday, December 01, 2007

photos, photos, photos!

Phew! That was a lot of photos to upload! First up... the palm tree. LOOONG time ago you asked to see the pics, but I've finally uploaded some. No time to pretty them up, so excuse the lop-sidedness of some :)

The pics tell the story really. Need to add a new photo now that it's actually finished, and there are grasses planted underneath.
My boys doing their bit for mens health - MO*VEMBER :) It'd December now so it can come off! They boys thought they'd have some fun, and used my mascara for the little mo's :) Too cute. They look like little gansters, especially Eth with that expression.

(most of these piccies seem to be Ethan, will have to upload some more of Liam soon)
Playing with my old camera.
Playing with my tripod. H-hmmm, sorry, he's a pirate on a ship looking through his telescope.
Good A/US$ conversion means mummy got a cheer up pressie :) 5 new rolls of backdrops.
How sneaky is this boy of min! I told him he couldn't have *another* snack because I was cooking dinner. The next minute Liam came running in to tell me "Ethan's being SOOOO naughty. Come see!" (bit too excited to get his bro in trouble I think LOL) Look at the cheaky monky. Making himself a nutella sandwich under his bed!

Bit thankyou to everyone for all the emails. It's ok, I'm not seriously ill or anything! Getting good now anyway. Another shoot on this afternoon, so must keep moving. Brett's gone fishing so boys are having a sleep over at nanny and poppy's. I think we'll do the Chrissy tree thing when they come home.


Tam said...

Oh my goodness, I'm SO glad Movember is over! The mo went last night, so my hubby might get some love again now ;o)

Glad to hear you are not too unwell - I was worried about you :o(

Your boys are too cute, btw...

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear you're going to OK.

Love the Mo's!
Love the sneaky nutella sandwich shot too!
Love that you were spoilt with your backdrops!

Leanne Stamatellos

Megan said...

Oh my goodness that is on big tree. Looks great though!
The Mo's are hilarious. And Eth with the nutella sandwich - total classic. How do you not laugh when you are trying to tell them off!!! I'm going to be a shocking disciplinarian!!

Lauren said...

I *heart* B&H photo in New York. I bought a new lens from there last month....and have already sussed out where they are so I can do some shopping while in NYC next May.

That dollar just makes me want to spend spend spend.

Nat-Mardon said...

Oh my!!! That tree is SO HUGE!!!

LOVE the shots of cheeky boy under his bed...

Thinking of you lots honey xxx