Monday, November 26, 2007

let me paint a picture...

my boy has just been searching through the linnen cupboard for a good 10mins. He emerged with a pink pillowcase (yep, he had to look HARD to find some pink in our house!), and asked me to make a cape from it. We rummaged through my scrapping tote to find some clips and things and attached his cape. The next minute as I type away trying to get a little work finalised while the Ethy-bug naps, I look out the window to see Liam tearing up and down the path on Ethan's trike, singing the Captain Flamingo theme song. Ah, yes, it seems we have a new favourite superhero this month.

I had what I think is the last of my tests done today, and didn't get the news I wanted. But it's ok. We're ok. We're good, and we're thankful. Life just throws curve balls at you every once and a while. Keeps you fit, dodging them ;)


Sarah said...

By the sounds of him Katie he is feeling much much better :) I can just see him

I am glad you are going to be OK. You had me worried there for a while..Rest up , as much as you can..

Take care

Rachel said...

Thinking of you Katie! I've been worried about you too.


Megan said...

I bet Liam looks cute in pink.

You are an awesome chick Katie and you will be ok. Love and big hugs to you and Brett.

Lyn Dwyer said...

Katie....Katie....Katie.....I think of you often girl...not sure what is happening in your lives.....but know I'm here for you!It is also such a busy time of year for you and others with Christmas fast must be snowed under with work committments let alone any health issues....take care (((((((((( hugs))))))))))))


Karen L said...

Katie - Katie sad to hear that things have been tough. Praying that it will improve for you all. Just wanted you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

oh Katie, I really hope all is OK. Your health is the most important thing - don;t even think of blogging if that gets in the way.

Thinking of you often!
Leanne Stamatellos