Wednesday, October 10, 2007

She has arrived!

Big sister to my little baby has arrived :) It's actually the one that looks smaller in this pic. The old one has the big lens on it.
I've been absent. I've been BUSY. In the past seven days I've done SEVEN photoshoots! And if that wasn't enough to keep me busy, I also pulled SEVEN massive garbage bags of weeds and clippings from the garden. Ethy and I hit the market this morning and bought another 14 plants so while I wait for the new battery to charge, I'm off to plant with my little man.
Although I'm so busy, I've changed out routine around a little (well MY routine) getting to bed earlier, and getting up earlier. Means I miss out on the extra work time I used to do in the wee small hours of the morning, but so far it seems to be working better for everyone. The nice sunny days are making it a bit easier to get out of bed early too. AND I've even been waking before my alarm! I am usually NOT a morning person, so that is big for me.
Pigeons are still in the roof. They have till Monday! 5 days and counting.


welcome to my world said...

wow you have been busy.
good luck with the pidgeons.
i have my visit at morn. park PS today but i will be number 8 on the waiting list! don't like my chances.

connie said...

lucky girl!!.. big sister look oh so nice.... would love to get my hand on a new camera

take care

cant wait to see some photos!!


Gayle Smith said...

oh wow..congratulations on the arrival of your new 'baby' How awesome Katie!!! You do sound like you have been a very busy girl! Think of the $$$

Cass said...

bye bye pigeons. fly away now before Katie gets very cranky. ;)

miss~nance said...

WOW thats a camera. Have fun with it.