Thursday, September 20, 2007

Quick one

I've been working on finding balance (I know... still... it's a long process here!) and have been trialing getting to bed early and getting up earlier. So I have to make this quick so I can get to bed.

* Ethan is now fully toilet trained (day time), and the potty has been packed away. He's using 'Liam's' toilet now, or Mimi's toilet as he calls it. We finally now own five pairs of teeny-tiny undies. It was HARD to find them small enough.

* Liam had his school concert on Tuesday night. Oh my I was so proud. I may be biased, but they had the best performance. The leaps/preps/1&2. Loved them. Liam's group were up second. The were all dressed as animals, and Liam was a lion. They sang "can't spell hippopotomus" and "We all went to Melbourn Zoo" sung to the tune of Old McDonalds farm, and instead of singing e-i-e-i-o, they sang e-i-e-i-oooooh (as in, rhymes with zoo) Each time they saw something, like the lions, all the little lion's walked out the front and did a little parade. There were lions, elephants, monkeys, crocodiles and parrots. I think that's it. Their costumes were so adorable and bright. I have piccies, although not great, but I'll share once I get a minute to look at any photo that is not work related.

* Very busy with work

* Bought a new camera today

* Brett is good, work is going well, and being Brett and not being able to sit still without a project to do, he's decided to build a wood fired pizza oven in the back yard as his next project. Yummy, I can just see myself sitting back at the bar, water feature trickling away, and fresh pizza cooking. Ahhh, bring on those balmy summer nights. Oh, yeah, we need to build it first.

* Ethan's bed is painted and in his room. He has slept a few nights through which has been lovely, but he's still a bit of a night roamer most nights.

* Liam's bed is getting there slowly. Primer is on most parts, and I put the first coat of paint on some of the parts tonight. I'm missing the head end though, Brett's had a re-arrange in the garage, and moved it. I can see it, just can't get to it.

* School holidays are comming up so fast. Last day of school tomorrow. Early finish. Ethan's childcarer has gone on a cruise around Hawaii for three weeks. How lucky! Can't wait to hear all about it when she gets back.

* I'm sure there is more I should be adding, but I can't think right now, and need to get to bed.

* Oh, congrats to Connie, who has just got engaged :)

Night xx


Jasmine said...

Go Ethan with being toilet trained - what a superstar!!! Lily's trying at the moment but it's turning out to be a VERY slow process. I know what you mean about the undies - Lachie's 4 and still wears size 2-3 and some of those are still a little baggy. As for Lily - well she still wears size 0 bottoms, some size 1's, so finding undies that are small enough for her little tushie is pretty much impossible LOL!!!

Don't you just love little kid's performing at school concerts - sooo cute ;)

That wood fired oven sounds great. Have you seen Jamie Oliver's latest series? He's been cooking LOTS of stuff in one, not just pizza - YUMMO!!!

janinek said...

The joy of toilet training! Glad to hear its going well. What camera did you end up getting. Last time I read you were just angling for a new lens!!

Karen L said...

Oh Katie I so need to work on that balance thing too and get to bed HEAPS earlier.

My mouth is watering just thinking about those yummy pizza's that are going to bet created at your place.

Have to take a photo of all those little undies drying on the line - what a awesome scrapbook page it would make.

Have fun.


connie said...

Thanks Katie...

yeah for Ethan.... such a big boy now... Jorja's turn soon....end of the year we are going to start....

maybe Ethan can share a tip or two with

take care