Sunday, September 16, 2007


... to post, that I'm another year older. And I know you guys already know, cos I got all your beautiful birthday wishes, so thanks. This weeks been crazy, and I'm sick to top it off. I have a sore throat, and while that sounds pretty pathetic and all, it's the sorest throat I've EVER had. Ever. Brett had it, and I told him to take a panadol and get on with it LOL so now I'm getting my just deserves LOL. So I'd best take a panadol and get on with it too.

Hmmm Monday: My sweeth hubby woke me just before 6am, gave me a kiss and wished me a happy birthday. Sleepily I opened one eye, thanked him, and said "but I think it's tomorrow?" He told me no, it was today. "oh, I thought today was the 10th" Oh yeah, he said, and with that headed for the shower LOL

Tuesday: No birthday wish. He snuck out of bed and was gone before I woke. He did call to wish me a happy birthday, and tell me not to put dinner on. He's well trained now, and knows I'm obsessed with my slow cooker, so to call EARLY in the day. That's all he'd tell me though. He came in at night, and took off with the boys into Ethan's room. With the door closed I could hear them giggling, and rustling away in there. They emerged 10 minutes later with a huge bunch of gerberas and a big box. My reflector/diffuser I wanted... and I didn't even know he knew I wanted it. And he shopped at my fave place (I know the courier sticker ;) ). And I'm getting a new camera this week too. Staying a Nikon girl, so just need the body. Anyway, he told me to get the boys ready to go out, so I dressed them all nice, and then asked what I needed to wear. He just told me I was fine as I was... in school pickup clothes? Hmmm, chucked some stuff through my hair, QUICK touchup of makeup (OK, so I put some on, I did say I was only dressed for school pickup) and off we went. Pulled out, and went in the total opposit direction to what I thought. Headed away from Mornington. Maybe we were headed to Frankston? Before long I realised we were on our way to his parents. Except when we got there he told me to stay in the car, and just got the boys out. Jumped back in the car and found ourselves in Hastings. I guessed as we were on the way that we must be going to the Thai restaurant there - it's really nice. Yep, got that bit right. Went in and sat at our table for FOUR. OK so who's comming? He's not telling. I know better than to keep asking. My guesses were either Sal and Dave (Brett's sister) or Matt and Dani. Before long a huge bunch of flowers walked in the door. It was Sally and Dave :) Had such a nice dinner. We all went back to Brett's parents after dinner, as Dave and Sal left Hannah there too. Had cake and cuppas, before collecting the kiddies and heading home.

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday... same thing. School for Liam. Music for Ethan. Home made playdough (never made it before, and it's heaps better than the bought stuff!) Work for me. And getting sick. I guess it can't all be good. I had a massive weekend planned. Had two shoots yesterday. 10mth cutie girl, and 15 day gorgeous bubba boy. Felt terrible last night, took some more panadol and went to bed. Then this morning I had another shoot planned for the beach. The weather was a bit so-so, and I felt like crap. Sharon's son had been sick all night, so we postponed for another day. I think we were all a bit relieved LOL So today, instead of running around a freezing cold beach, I stayed at home in the warm and baked. First up... pizza people. Liam's class is having a good bye party for one of the little girls, who is going to intergrate into prep (he's in pre-prep), as she's going into grade 1 next year, and she's changing schools to the one she'll be at next year (where her brother is currently too). Anyway they are having a surprise goodbye party, so we are all taking in a plate to share. The boys helped me make pizza dough (although Ethan refused to believe it was anything but playdough) We rolled it out and then used a gingerbreadman cutter to cut pizza people, before slathering them in tomato paste, and topping with lots of yummy stuff. Liam loved helping, the only problem was stopping them from eating them all! Then to continue my obsession with making mini things, for his lunchbox snacks, I made mini sticky cinimon scrolls. Bakers delight kind of thing, but made in a mini muffin pan. My frozen stash of mini treats is growing. We now have mini choc & mm muffins, banana choc chip muffins and now the scrolls. I still want to make some truffles too. I'm going to make little animals I think, by squeezing the truffle mix into some playdough moulds (washed of course!). Anyway, I feel like crap again, so I'm going to bed. Have a massive busy day again tomorrow.

I have piccies to share. Just fun stuff. Playdough play, cooking with the kids etc. Just can't be bothered to download/edit anything that is not work at the moment. Did I say I was busy. I've sweet talked my mum and MIL into some extra babysitting, and I'm still booked out. Don't want to turn people away in September! I just designed my next lot of flyers, and there is a bit of a price restructure, and a little rise... Doesn't start till next year though. Just need to get stuff printed. It's on the massive To Do List.

Oh, and one last thing. Liam's school concert is on Tuesday night. So exciting. But he's a lion, and I have to dress him in yellow. Yellow. Possibly the hardest colour to find ANYTHING in. I could have done the green crocodiles, or the brown monkeys, or even the colourful butterflies... but yellow. I'm going looking for beige tomorrow, if I can't find yellow.

OK, going to take some herbal stuff, and go to bed.


Tam said...

Happy birthday, Katie!! We should catch up for a birthday coffee soon :o)

Karen L said...

Happy belated birthday Katie - sounds like you have a lovely birthday though.

Lydell Quin said...

Hope you feel better soon. Such sore throats are really horrible. Glad your DH organised such a nice birthday for you, kid free dinner out...very nice! Hope you had a nice day