Thursday, August 02, 2007


Seems I'm not very good at this loosing weight stuff. I joined the gym three weeks ago. Been three times a week, every week and lost..... nothing. Negative actually. Put on 2kg LOL Oh dear. Lets hope its muscle :)

My little man is not sleeping at all well lately. Last night I put him back into his bed 13 times from midnight onwards. In the end I just put him in our bed. He's got up again for the first time now. Seems midnight and around 3am are the worst times for him. I think part of the problem is that for the past two or so months he has flat out refused to eat ANYTHING from about 4pm onwards. He won't touch his dinner, which is nothing new, but usually he'd eat some toast. He won't even touch that. I thought maybe he had teeth comming through, but he has them all already. He may have a sore throat, but he won't take any panadol. I used to put it in juice, but lately he gives me the cup back and says it's yuck :( Oh two year olds. Just as well they are cute, cos geez they can be hard work too! And loud! OMGoodness that boys is LOUD. I now see what I missed out on with Liam, who was so much quieter. Don't get me wrong, Liam had his moments of objecting, his voice just mustn't be as loud as Ethan's or something, cos Geez, Ethan can (and often does!) stop entire shopping centres, and streets.

And talk about cheeky monkey. Today after school we quickly popped in to Target to get something for Liam. (I know, what was I thinking taking two kids into a shopping centre at that time of day). Ethan, as usual refused to go in the pram, and if I put him in there it just becomes a constant battle of me putting him back in there, and him escaping. So I let him walk. And I lost him. He was right next to me, then 'poof' - gone. I turned around, asked Liam if he saw where Ethan went. He didn't and told me "you look that way, I'll go this way" LOL. I walked a few metres in one direction, then turned back and walked a few in the other, past where I'd been. As I walked past where I had been, that cheeky monkey pops his head out from under a clothing rack and says "hello Katie".

I'm sure God knew what he was thinking when he gave me two boys...

I sound like some out of control, disasterous mother don't I. It's not that bad really. I hope. OK, I can stop blubbering and wasting time waiting for Ethan to wake again, and go to bed. Hopefully he'll stay down for a while (like all night!)

We had Maily Music again this morning. It's now fully booked and has a waiting list! I ran into a girl I went to school with. Haven't seen her for 17 years. Makes me feel old. Ethan is comming out of his shell. Oh who am I kidding. He does't have shell these days. LOL He was quite timmid the first week, and bit more adventurous the second week, and today... running everywhere, dancing away. He kept running up to Nat's mum (one of the leaders) for kisses, while she was singing etc. He likes routine, and is starting to know the routine there. I asked him this morning as we pulled up, if he was ready to go inside and sing songs. He told me "yes, sing song, play toys, and cake?" Yup, that's MY boy ;)

Happy Friday to you all. My kiddie free day.

Oh, and lastly... photoblog has been updated. And should have another finished and ready to go up tomorrow.


janine kaye said...

hey katie..ditto with the gym..not one kilo lost in 4 weeks but i lost should check that..maybe you've lost cm too! hard to be motivated by no weight loss though isn't it!
jack is going through a not eating anything for dinner thing too..driving me nuts. and waking more than normal at must be a 2 year old thing!!

Jody said...

Oh Katie I've just checked out your photoblog, you are sooooooo talented, gorgeous, lovely, beautiful work. Thanks for sharing it.

kathie said...

Oh you sound like not much is going right at the moment. I think the gym thing is pretty normal. Stick with it. Most people give up about now because they don't see results. You generally have a lag between what's happening and what you're seeing in terms of weight loss. Good luck with it!
Ethan does sound like a cheeky monkey! Glad he's loving the playgroup and coming into his own. Hope he starts sleeping a bit more too. J is giving us grief with sleep to atm. So I sympathise.

Megan said...

I know it probably wasn't funny losing Ethan but I had to laugh at him popping out and saying Hello Katie. What a monkey!

Sounds like he is loving mainly music.

Anonymous said...

LOL at Ethan saying "hello Katie" when popping his head out from behind the clothes rack. OMG that's so funny!

Your NOT an out of control, disasterous mother. Never think that:)

Have a great week end and take good care of yourself. From Susan (smiles1965) at Scrap Pile xxoo

Ros said...

Ethy's comment is too funny!

Rachel said...

"hello Katie"??? - bwaahaaahaa, that's so funny! :)