Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ethan's day

When I went back to work after having Liam, (he was only 4 months old) I made the decision to dedicate one day entirely to him. It was Fridays. We did swimming, we went to the park, we played at home, we met up with friends. We didn't do housework, run erands or think about work. It was just him and me time. The rest could be done at other simes throughout the week. Well, enter the poor second child! Ethan's social life consists of being dragged along to watch Liam do what ever it is he has to do. The fact that he can continue to sleep on my shoulder in the middle of a school corridor at 3.20pm with school bells ringing, and children all around screaming is testimony to how much that poor child gets dragged around. A full daytime nap in a bed at home... just doesn't exist. As hard as I tried... it just didn't happen anywhere near as often as I wanted it to.

When it came to planning Ethan's 2nd birthday party I sat down with my pen and paper and began to make the invitation list. I wanted it to be Ethan's friend's and family.... not ours! Every party we have seems to turn into some huge extravaganza. He had the first birthday with 60 kids plus adults. YES... SIXTY! I know well, I decorated 60 noodle boxes! But the first birthday is big. It's a milestone. And as much as it is about the gorgeous 1year old, it's also a bit about the parents too. We had to celebrate that we had survived the first year, and he was still here, still alive, in one piece and even thriving! That was a big effort. On some days, a really huge effort LOL. Anyway... birthday number 2. Not so much of a milestone (does that sound wrong? Of course it's a milestone, it is important, just not THE first birthday)... so my list... I scribble down family, then friends. Hmmm, well there are the two girls across the road that he loves and plays with... then there's, well, um... mums group. Hmmm I don't think he knows them, we only went twice last year. hmmmm, could it be.... my baby has no friends? My baby has no social life? His friends are Liam's friends.

Anyway, long story short, my poor baby #2, is deprived socially, and it's not fair. So last week, on my way home from Kmart I decided (while I was in the far left lane, and needed to turn down a street on the right in about 10m) that I'd pop in to see Nattie-girl. I was kiddy free, and it was SO exciting to see my beloved buddy. (geez... it's true, her house is NEVER messy! Even when I pop in unexpectedly) So, Nat tells me about a new playgroup starting up (it's a music program actually, but it's easier to say playgroup), and did I want to come. YES, YES, YES. So this morning we were up bright and early, cleaned, tidy, packed and organised, and out the door. Dropped Liam at school, then Ethy and I headed down to Rosebud. Oh, yep, MY BOY LOVED IT. Kept asking for "more mookie" (translation: more music) after it finished. He was a little shy to begin with but soon got the idea. It was so nice to do something special with him. Just him and me time. All his mummy's attention showered just on him. He loved it. I loved it. After the music part, the leaders pulled out a cool selection of toys in one corner, and whipped out some delish cakes and coffee/teas in the other, so we mummas could sit and have a chat. It was great. We're both counting down the sleeps until next Thursday. Unfortunatly Nattie's not comming cos she's having a few days away with her hubby! Lucky thing! But Caitlin will still be there with Nanny :)

And tomorrow is another exciting day. Liam's going to the zoo with school! We've been counting down these sleeps from way back in the middle of last term! They've done a huge map in his class room that covers the entire wall, of how they will get there. There are roads, and lots of busses and cars, houses, trees, factories, shops, the beach.... everything (even a car that crashed into a tree? hmmmm?!) So it'll be an early morining tomorrow. Then Ethan has childcare, and they will also go to playgroup like they do most weeks. Friday is their excursion day each week... Ethan only goes on Fridays, so he gets a little spoilt. He just thinks that what you do at childcare LOL.

I've just gone and had my hair done again. Geez it was getting long again! I almost put it in two piggy tails last week, but I only had massive bands from when I had long hair. Need to get some kiddy ones. Then again... I don't, cos I just cut it all off. Blonded it again (butchered a little by the hairdresser - not my usual- that pulled my hair through the cap... I'm sure she was pulling my skelp through too! But then I got my beautiful hairdresser, and all was well. Also put a second colour over the blonde this time for a bit of a change. Got home at 9 cos Brett wanted to go out at 9.30, but everyone is in bed asleep!

Have a great Friday :)


Nat-Mardon said...

I think so many things get left 'by-the-wayside' when we have our second (or third or fourth!) kids.... and its so easy to just 'drage them around' isn't... but really, its equally important our second kids get that special time too isn't it - so great to hear you've found something for you and Ethy to do!! And thanks for reminding me I should do the same...

jane fitchett said...

poor Luke is a deprived 2nd child too, although he will happily interact with whoever is around. Im looking forward to Luke starting 3yr old kinder next year, so he finds friends of his own. Yesterday he even got mum and dad time without his big sister- something that is very rare!!
the music group sounds like alot fun!

hope Liam enjoys the zoo :)

kathie said...

So glad you and Ethan are enjoying your one-on-one time :). We used to go to a music playgroup and J really enjoyed it too. It's lovely how kids enjoy music so much.
Yay! A haircut. WTG.

KimA said...

Music group sounds like fun Katie. You will have to post a phot of the new haircut!

Lyn Dwyer said... good that you and Ethan have found that special activity that you can do together.....I took all my boys to play group....and then the younger two use to come to mid-week tennis with me when they were about 4 and day a week I played competitive tennis and I would pack them a special lunch box each just like their two big brothers....and off we'd go......they loved it! They also got to socialise with other children at the tennis. wonder my boys are social butterflies!