Sunday, May 06, 2007

Oh what a night!

Tomorrow my darling hubby turns 30. Last night we had THE birthday bash. It was such a fantastic night, everyone had a ball. I was pretty busy getting everything organised in the last few days leading up to it, but it all went off perfectly.

Maz helped me do a huge shop on Friday night. Catering for huge numbers is a normal thing for her. As we staggered our way around the supermarket for 2hrs with two trollies loaded to the top, I was positive I had blown my budget by at least double.... but I didn't! Whoo-hoooo! :)

Mum had spent Thursday and Friday here, covering my couches (which look devine! Thankyou so much mumma - you are the best!!). She'd planned to work on the last two cushion covers at home and drop them back here "first thing Saturday morning". Little did I realise at the time, she really meant 'first thing'. 6.45am she rang the doorbell LOL. So we had a nice early start to the day, and I put together our timeline/schedule while we ate breaky... then I was all systems go. We did all the usual pre-party preparation. Cleaning, cooking, chopping, baking. We had 30kg of meat on a spit (beef and pork), 160 bread rolls, loads of salads, and about 100 jacket potatoes. Brett's sister came and spend a good portion of the day wrapping them up, between sorting out Ethan and Hannah... while I baked. - then the cake fell apart. So I baked again.

Finally at 7pm we were all ready and guests arrived not long after. I think we had about 100 people here. Our garage was set up as a night club "Club Shake It" LOL, complete with those blue black light fluro globes, flashing lights, mirror balls, DJ (thanks Mick). We had a 'club lounge' with couches B scammed from someone, and a podium dance floor that Scotty knocked up at the last minute. He built it out of timer pallets, covered with ply wood, then covered that with some black plastic flooring stuff then spray painted it with spot marking paint, which glowed under the black light globes. It goes on and on. It was hilarious! So corny, but so fabulous. We had the bar set up (complete with friends who volunteered to run it for the night - thanks Tim and Amanda!) and a gas heater on that deck. We had the chimnea going on one of the other decks. Then we had the 'chill & chat' area inside. There were portacots in almost every spare room. There were not a lot of kids, but those who did come, including ours were fantastic. They just played until they dropped, then all went to bed and slept though the noise.

The food was yummo! It was about 3am when everyone who was going had gone, and after a really quick tidy up we took out butts off to bed. Liam slept with us, as Leigh and her bubba Breanna were in his room.

I woke a few hours later to Ethan climbing all over us yelling "Daddy, make me a bottle!" LOL. (or not so LOL) Lucky for me Brett got up to him, and the next thing I knew it was after 10am.

After breaky out at The Rocks with friends, we headed home to clean and wash. I hardly took any photos last night... like maybe 3! So I took a few more this morning. I'll add them soon... but of course - ignore the mess LOL. I just wanted to get pics of Club Shake It etc.

We've had so many people tell us it was the best house party they have ever been to, which is really nice. And I guess the most important bit: Brett had a ball.


Anonymous said...

i am so glad it went of Ok. i was thinking of you both last shake it shake it!!!LOL

can't wait to see some pics...

Sarah said...

umm the above was me..sorry it went through as anon

Nat-Mardon said...

And here I was reading quickly so I could check out the pics!! Sounds like an awesome party - and your house sounds so awesome too 'on one of the decks' - far out, you must have a huge place... would you share some pics of your house too please??
Happy birthday for tomorrow Brett :)

Yvette Adams said...

WOW! What a huge party. And a huge job. I'm sure I couldn't pull it off. Well done. :)
Happy birthday to Brett.

kathie said...

I am in awe of your organisational skills. The party sounds awesome!

Tam said...

Yay! That sounds like so much fun! Glad it all went well, and looking forward to seeing piccies :o)

Lyn Dwyer said...

Sounds like you all had a blast Katie...can't wait to see some pics ...I think my eldest son...Brendan may be doing something similar next year for his 30th......yep...
my oldest turns 30 next year....OMG ...I sound so old Katie.....well I am ....LOL!


Megan said...

Fun Fun Fun! Sounds like you guys know how to party. Glad it went well and glad Brett had a ball.

Can't wait to see the pics!!

leanne stamatellos said...

happy birthday brett!

bet you threw an awesome party, katie - did you all have costumes ?
I want to see the disc girl in you.
Please post.