Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Not a great start to being 30

I know I still need to add photos. Haven't even had a chance to download them yet! Brett has a massive abscess above his front tooth (all part of a long dental history, dating back to his childhood and an accident). On Sunday he said he could feel a little pain above his tooth, so we made an appointment first thing monday morning, to see the dentist on Tuesday morning. She tried to drain it, by drilling through his old root canal, but couldn't get to it. She gave his prescriptions for two different antiboitics and a referal to a specialist. He came home, dosed up on antibiotics and pain killers and went to bed. He woke a few hours later, and one side of his face was really swollen. His face was distorted around his nose and upper lip, and he cheek was very puffy. We went to the hospital to see if he needed an antibiotic shot to get onto it fast. They sent him home and told him to take his antibiotics, and that they would take at least 24-48 hours to even start working. At the rate this thing was growing, another 24 hours, it would be MASSIVE. We tried to call in to the dentist on the way home to see if it was normal to have this kind of swelling, but they were closed. He was in heaps of pain, and he NEVER complains of pain. But seriously, to have him on the verge of tears... he's in BIG pain.

This morning he has woken and it is even worse. A lot worse. I have taken photos both yesterday afternoon, and this morning, but I don't think he'd like me to put them on here. His face is so disfigured at the moment. His top lip is about 4 times the size it should be. His nose is sitting different (hard to explain) and his cheek is now so swollen that his eye is starting to close. He can barely speak, and has only managed to drink from a water bottle, and eat porridge with a teaspoon. I again called the dentist, but they can't fit him in. We are off to see our GP soon, and have managed to have his speciallist appointment bought forward to tonight where they will X-ray him again. I have never seen anything like this before. Poor darling. I can only imagine the pain it's all causing him.

Have to say a big thankyou too, to our families for stepping in as soon as we asked for help. They have done everything from bringing around groceries, taking Ethan, picking Liam up from school, babysitting. Thankyou all so much. It's a blessing to have family, who will drop anything when they are called on for help. We are very blessed.

Now just to get the big boy sorted out. Prayers would be great. Thanks :)

I will add party photos, when things calm down and I have a minute.

UPDATE: Went to doctors (who also couldn't believe Frankston Hospital just sent him away - then again, of course he can believe that!) He doubled the amount of penacillin he's taking and gave him a shot to get it working fast.

UPDATE #2: Went to see the specialist. She drilled through the tooth, drilled out the old root canal filling, and then pressed his face to squeeze the gunk out through the hole in the tooth. (Nice I know). She said the infection is not contained within an abscess, but called it cellulosis (?) or something like that, where the infection is anywhere it wants to be really. He had LOTS of Xrays, and she recommended that we didn't go ahead and get the root canal re-done, but rather have the tooth pulled and a prosthetic tooth put in it's place. He has lost a lot of bone in the area of the infection, and has to have follow up Xrays, starting on Saturday, to check that it's not getting worse fast. If it is, then the tooth has to be pulled straight away.

A little bit of history for the records. When he was 8 or so years old he fell over and broke the two front top teeth. It was when the adult teeth had just come down. He had the repairs done and it was quite good. The problem that has come about now, is because the teeth were so immature at the time, the roots are not very big. When they drilled through to do the root canal, the hole they drilled is the majority of the root, and has only left a small fraction of root in the gum/jaw. Therefore the tooth is quite unstable, and even if they did the root canal ($900, plus vaneering $400, plus revaneering the other tooth so they match - another $400 = total $1700 minimum) it may only last a year or so, then he'd have to have it pulled. So this speciallist recommended not to do that, but to put the money towards the prosthetic tooth ($5,000) instead. Please Lord... let him only need the one tooth done!!!

It's one of those things though. It needs to be done, so you just have to find the $$$. For the time being we really need to move on this infection and get rid of it. She doubled the other antibiotic he was taking, and wants him to have another injection tomorrow and Friday... then see her on Saturday.

He was such a champ in the chair. I'm so proud of him. I would have been a mess. Especially when we first got in there and they suspected a fractured root and thought they'd need to extract it then and there. That got our hearts racing (and the prayers pumping!)

It's not fair really. He is so good with looking after his teeth, brushing, flossing, rinsing, regular checkups.... and he gets lumped with this. Poor thing :(

So... anyone need some photos taken?


Jess said...

Oh, that sounds terrible! Hugs for you and prayers for Brett's quick recovery. I can't believe the dentist wouldn't see him as an emergency under those circumstances! Look after yourselves - and a happy belated birthday to Brett.


Sofi said...

Katie, sending you prayers for Brett. Hope the swelling goes down quickly, and he gets better soon.

You might want to take him to the Dental Hopital if it's really bad, they deal in emergencies.


Tam said...

Oh no! Poor Brett! Prayers coming your way, sweet. Take care of yourselves. xxx

Nat-Mardon said...

Oh goodness, poor Brett. It sure does sound nasty, and frustrating that the hospital, docs etc can't do anything either.
I will pray for quick and divine healing for him.

jane fitchett said...

poor Brett- its sounds horrible, hope the gp can get something done, so it gets sorted out quickly

kathie said...

OMG. I can't believe that he couldn't get any medical assistance!! I have had a tooth abscess and it was the most painful thing (barring childbirth, lol). Couldn't someone at least prescribe him some super painkillers until he could get it seen to?

Sarah said...

WOW Katie,

Poor Brett.... Far out!!!!!

I hope it went well tonight at the specialist. i sure hope he gets some pain relief very very soon...

big hugs to You and Brett...

How weird is it that we were onlt talking about this a week ago... freaky weird..

Lyn Dwyer said...

Katie......I can't believe your dentist didn't take him when he was in so much dentist takes emergency patients all the time.I can't believe the hospital turned him away also......that's so bad.Hope you get some assistance tonight.
Hugs to both of you!


Cass said...

Poor thing. I'll be praying for a speedy recovery and that the money is found for the repairs.

Megan said...

Ow Ow Ow. All this talk of dentists is making me woozy so I can't even imagine how Brett must be feeling. Really hope things pick up soon and it all gets sorted. I'm sending prayers your way!

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrap Pile here. I've been having some "issues" with Blogger lately and not been able to leave comments here.

Every time I try and leave a comment on someone’s blog I get a message saying my password is incorrect. That's so stupid cause I've been using the same password for ages ggggrrrr.

Anyway this morning I figured I'd leave a comment under Anonymous and add my name so you would know who it's from.

I'm so sorry to read about Brett's
abscess. The poor guy, it sounds terrible. I hope by the time you read this he is feeling better.

At least he wasn't sick when his birthday party was on. You went to so much effort and it sounds like a fantastic party was had by all. What a wonderful wife you are :)

Loving your latest layouts. I saw them on Scrap Pile and was so happy you shared more work in the gallery there. Everyone loves seeing your creations. Thanks for sharing.