Saturday, February 17, 2007

Surgeon's visit

The surgeons visit went well. Well if you ignore the fact that I called a few hours before our appointment to confirm my time, and the location of his office. I picked up Ethan early from daycare, and drove to Frankston. Arrived at the office to find Ethan had fallen asleep. Found a shady carpark, set up the pram, transfered Ethan into it, got into the office... only to be told his offices are not here today, he's at the hospital! and... "they should have told you that" Grrrr. Started to put Ethan back in the car, and was thinking about how hard it was going to be to get a carpark at the hospital, and decided to put him back in the pram and just walk there... despite the heat. So, once we finally made it it all went well. He actually slept through the majority of the poking and prodding. It will be done under general anasthetic, but will be day surgery. The surgeon told me he does about 10 of these a week! That's a lot of kids huh. It won't be done for a few weeks, but it's not urgent so that's fine. I'll let you all know when he does go in. One think I did want to record (which he will hate me doing when he's older) is that when he was born he had 'fluid in his scrotum'. Not sure if that means blood, or just fluid? But we were told it was because a muscle at the top of his scrotum wasn't closed, and they would keep an eye on it and it should fix itself. At each health centre appointment I asked about it, and was eventually told it was fine now. But... I now find out it wasn't actually fine. As Mr S (surgeon) put it, "it didn't get better, it got bigger and now his bowel fits through it". It's not something anyone could have done anything about anyway, except surgery. It's a fault, a weakness, in the muscle that he was born with.

I've been putting the boys to bed earlier, as I have mentioned, but Liam is not tired. He'll stay in his room and read books, sometimes I find the room a little moved around, but I figure it's one of those times when you pick your battles. I can't make him feel tired, or want to go to bed, and he stays in his room quietly. He doesn't wake up Ethan, and no one else would even know he's awake and he's not making a huge mess so why fuss. Anyway, last night I put him to bed, and came up to the study to do some work. About an hour later he appeared at my side and told me he needed the vacuum. I did wonder what huge mess he'd been making if he needed that, and went to investigate. Only to find his room spotless, everything put away, but there were some little bits and pieces (paper, small pieces of playdough etc) on the floor, and he needed to clean them up so the house fairy would come. Had to giggle. Gave him the broom instead, so he didn't wake Ethan ;) How could the house fairy not visit after that huh. (that also lead to an early and excited morning wakeup call!)

Ethan also said two new words yesterday. Shovel (shubel) and Leslie (Eslie) He has lots of words in his vocab now, and many sentences too.


Megan said...

Feel free to send Liam to my house for a sleep over anytime. There sure is plenty of housework to do here and the house fairy would definitely visit him. Only wish she would visit me!!
Glad all went ok at the surgeons.

Tara said...

That is so cute... what did the fairy leave?

Nic Wood said...

Good to hear all went well at the surgeons.
Love the photos in your last post too!

Nic xxx

Lyn Dwyer said...

mmmmm might just need me one of those House Fairies Katie!
Perhaps I could convince DH to clean up his part of the bedroom so the House Fairy would come to him....ROTFL!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the surgeon visit went ok in the end.
Aww bless Liam is soo cute tidying up his room :o) xxx

kathie said...

So cute about the house fairy. LOL, I wonder if they work on DH's too.
Good luck with the surgery. I've heard of quite a few little boys having this op.

Sofi p said...

Katie, what a cutie Liam is with tidying his room!

Hope all goes well with the surgery.

jane fitchett said...

im glad everything went well with the doctor, good luck for the surgery, its good to know in a way, that it is a routine op for the doctor.

Im so going to 'employ' the house fairy here, have an inkling it might work a treat!