Friday, February 16, 2007

It's been a while

But I have been so busy! Liam is still loving school. He's had Library, music, art, and they also do sport or PMP every day, which is fantastic. His teacher has been right on the ball with his speech therapy stuff and we were able to get on to it straight away. He hasn't started yet, but it looks like he'll have 2 half hour sessions a week! Previously he had one half hour session a fortnight! AND I don't have to pay for it!!!! HOW GOOD IS THAT. I'm finding already though, just being at school his speech has picked up again. It's like he's had a little growth spurt with his speech. He's had a little growth spurt all over actually. And he's been much better eating his dinner - although it does take some bribing still.

The other new thing he has discovered is the house fairy. You can google it. Basically if he cleans up his room, the house fairy comes to visit and leaves him a little surprise. Sometimes it's a little choccy, other times a small cheapo toy etc. Last night he cleaned up his room before bed without being asked at all.

Our evening routine is dinner, bath, pj's, warm drink & story, teeth, toilet, bed. We've moved their bedtime forward on hour. It's now 7.30, instead of 8.30. I just felt Liam was going to need more sleep once school started, and I need to be able to keep to my work routine at night, so they need to be gone LOL. Anyway, I usually read in the family room, but as they are not really tired, they were getting too hyped up with their toys around and the telly on etc. So I decided to use the couch in the studio to read on instead. Ethan was in his pj's and we were just waiting for Liam, when I decided Ethan's stripy suit (jailbird huh?) looked cool with the read couch. So I turned my strobe around and snapped a few quick pics. Very quick. He really didn't give me half a chance, and the light wasn't in the wrong spot, but it was better than nothing. So here is is :) With his Woopy.

And then I had this little darling Niamh (pronounced Neeve). Usually when I take the foot shot, I only frame the feet/hands, but look at her little face. She kept giggling, so I had to get that too. Cute bubba! I'll add more of her to the photoblog

This is my DT layout for Scrapbook Station. I'm late again, it's been up over there for a while. In fact my next one should be up soon, which is one I love.

Then these layouts are from my DT Kit for Scrap Pile. I got the Chatterbox Igloo kit.

Inspired a lot my Shelly Lamming for this one. I used to love her stuff, then went in a different direction again. I was having a look through some files the other day and found some of her stuff, and loved it all over again.

This is the actual DT one I did. You can download the instructions for this one from the Scrap Pile gallery. The link is in with my layout.

I went to visit Samantha on Wednesday. Liam still has a rest day on the Wednesday. Bethany is doing really well, and is even cuter that I remember her being. I'm sure she had brownish/slightly red hair in the hospital... but it's dark brown/black now! I'm sure I was looking at the right baby LOL ;)

Yesterday I got to catch up with my Natty girl :) Had a great day. Then Liam started back at swimming after school. Big rush as his lesson is 10minutes after school finishes, and we have to drive to the pool and get him into his bathers. We did make it though, and his teacher said it's fine to pick him up a few minutes earlier.

Today I am off to see the surgeon with Ethan :(

Wish us luck.


Megan said...

Loving those cutie photos of Ethan on the red couch. And those LOs are gorgeous. Hope all goes well at the surgeons today. I'll be praying for you guys.

See you soon

Lyn Dwyer said...

Katie....hope all goes well with E!

Loving your latest are one talented lady...


Cheryl said...

Great photos and LO's, Katie.
Hope everything went OK at the surgeons today .

Cheryl :)

Anonymous said...

Hope everything goes ok with the surgeon hun. Will be thinking of you xx

Absolutely love the photos and the layouts are gorgeous as per usual xx