Thursday, January 04, 2007


It was supposed to be a fun day. Jess was comming down this way, and we'd decided to catch up at the beach so the kidlets could have a play. Liam *still* asks to play with Big Ethan, and go hunting for pirate foot prints at the beach with him. So we were looking forward to our play. We didn't have a huge window of time, but that was fine, as it was so hot at the beach and we diddn't want fried kiddos. We met.... then Big Ethan got sick :( He'd fallen asleep in the car during the drive (quite a big drive), and wasn't feeling too great when he woke. We realised he really wasn't feeling great, when he wasn't even tempted to play. Instead opting to have a snooze in the shade tent. Poor little kiddo. It's no fun at all to be sick. Or to have sick kids. And it always seems to happen when you have plans :( I hope he's feeling better Jess, and that no one else comes down with it.

Liam still had a good time at the beach. I had planned of taking Ethy too, but as we were walking out the door he had a bit of a meltdown, and seeing as Brett is still on holidays, I decided to leave him to have a sleep. It was nice for Liam to have time with just me too. After we left the beach we headed to the shops for a few things, including new shoes. Wanted to get some more crocs for the boys. I have no clue where all of our have gone. Liam should have two new pairs, and two smaller (but still OK if the strap is forward) pairs. At the moment we can only find one lone shoe. Ethan refuses to wear anything but boots or bare feet. Too hot for boots, so it's generally bare feet, which just means he has to stay in the pram when we go out. I bought him a pair of sandles (which I thought were quite dorky LOL) but they had Thomas on them. He's into Thomas (and diggers) at the moment, so I thought he may go for them. He doesn't. He hates them actually, and as soon as I put them on he starts grizzling and saying "Awwwwwwch". They don't hurt, he just doesn't like the bare feet/toes thing. We'll have to call him Cinderella soon!! Also got Liam some new runners for school. They were on sale, so thought I'd take advantage of that and get them now.

Also on the topic of school, I ordered the name stickers and bag tags tonight. Got both Ethan's and Liam's. With a minimum of 50 stickers each, I don't think I'll EVER need to order any again!

Back to the photos. After we got home, we all ate some home made iceypoles. I forgot how yummy they were! I was planning on getting Liam to make them as part of one of his activities, but I really wanted them yesterday, so I made them. Might let him and Aidan make them tomorrow. Stayed tuned for more photos of my busy kids LOL. I'm finding this way easier to upload pics. (A) I can edit/get the pic ready to print for scrapping etc when I do it. & (B) I don't have to fight with Blogger to let me upload numerous photos.

I have some newborn photos comming, from a shoot I did before Christmas.

Also, totally weird and useless bit of information, but I'll blog it anyway: When I touch the scab/gash on the front of my head, the back of my head twiches! Feel's like someone is poking me in the back of my head, or pulling my hair, when I'm only touching the front! Hope that fixes it's self LOL. OK, bed time. Yes Sarah, I was up till 2 last night. But I made a good dint in my photo editing workload. Mel, your proofs will be on their way very soon.


Jasmine said...

Oh Katie - I hope your head's back to normal soon! How weird that must feel!!!

You've motivated me to get more organised and do more activites with the kids. Those little pig biscuits are so adorable and soooo easy.

francineA said...

great beach em...isnt it always the way though with kids being sick and well seems to be the time for bugs this year...hope he is feeling better,,i too love your

Cass said...

Hope the head gets better quickly. Oh, and Happy New Year! :)