Thursday, January 04, 2007

Pig day :)

It's been such a busy few days! I can't even remember what's happened between then and now. I know last Friday I had the pleasure of meeting Janine for the first time. What a gorgeous girl she is! They are over to Vic for holidays, and was headed down our way, so we had a very quick little catch up.

Saturday we had Christmas dinner at mums and dads. It was our 'away' year, so we were all off at different places on Christmas day... or at least we should have been. My brother and SIL were supposed to go and visit her family in Albury. I haven't blogged about it yet, but I will now. (short story) She's 18 weeks pregnant, but the placenta has partly detached, and they are still not sure if the bub will actually make it. She has another scan next week to see how much bub has grown, and therefore still getting enough through the placenta. At the moment it's all just a waiting game. We'd love some prayers though!! Their little boy was born 8 weeks prem, and there is every chance this bub could be a premmie too, so a nice BIG bub would be good. They are really hoping they can at least get to 26 weeks, as there is a good chance of survival from then onwards. One thing I also didn't know is that baby girls have better survival rates than boys! So travel was out of the question, and they couldn't go up there. Her dad did manage to make it down for a few days though.

Sunday - NYE, we headed over to Scott and Maz's place. It's walking distance, but I was exhausted by about 10.30 so Brett walked us back home, then headed back to party again. I saw fireworks going off somewhere over Mornington as I was heading off to bed at about 12.02. Brett came home about 3.30 apparently. I didn't hear a thing (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)

Monday we did very little, as everything was closed.

Tuesday we headed back up to Ikea to swap over the wrong colour cabinet, to the right colour cabinet. That night I put it together while Brett and his dad were up in the roof tending to some 'issues'! That is another story!! Anyway, we have one of those drop down ladders from the roof. Great idea. The only problem is that when someone is up there, the ladder is down. And little boys like to climb. The solution is that once they are up, I usually half fold the ladder up, so the man hole is still open, but the boys can't reach the ladder. Usually works well. This time unfortunatly I was rushing about getting something to pass up to them, then turned around and started to walk out of the room, and walked straigh into the ladder/man hold door. Hit my head so hard I blacked out and landed on my butt on the other side of the room! With a nice gash on my head!! What did my caring DH do. Laugh his butt off so hard! Which made me laugh. Didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I am not an accident prone person. The last time blood came from my head I was in grade 2! Bugger it hurt! S-all good now though :)

My nephew Will's creche is closed at the moment, and because Sharnie is on bed rest, she can't look after him either. So mum and dad have taken Will for a few days each week. Tuesday night they had Will, Aidan and Liam all for a sleep over. They planned to go and see Charlotte's Web at the cinema, but after they were in and seated, the management had to come and tell everyone that there was a problem with the movie and they couldn't see it. They did get to see something else though... Happy Feet, and got free tickets to go back on Monday and see Charlotte's Web. After their sleep over at M&D's, I picked up Will and Liam and bought them back to our place for a play. In the spirit of the should have been movie, I'd planned to make pig biscuits. We made them anyway, and we'll make more on Sunday so they can take them to the movies on Monday.
The neighbourhood kids have realised our place is a fun place to hang out, cos I always have 'activities' ready for them to do! No sooner had I sat the boys at the table with all the ingredients to make the biscuits, the door bell rang!

They loved making them. Ethan wasn't too interested though. He just wanted to eat the ingredients. We just used plain round biscuits, made up some pink icing (I slipped with the food dye!) Half marshmellows for noses, quartered for ears, and choc buds for eyes.

We've also been reading The Mucky Mud Hole lately. It's about a pig that rolls around in a mud hole and all the other animals come and tell him he should hop out or he'll get stuck. He doens't think he will, but then when he tries to get out realises that he is stuck. To occupy Liam tonight while we cooked dinner I thought he could make 'pigs in mud'. He loves to cook. We just whipped up some Whitewings chocolate mousse (whisk it with milk and it sets in 15 minutes). We poured it into little containers (B & I got glasses) then we put pink marshmellows in it as pigs. We've started to introduce dessert, with the aim of bribing Liam to eat dinner. Tonight it worked! I have NEVER seen a plate that clean from him!!! Steak, pasta salad, and salad with fetta cheese and orange. Gone! "Now can I have my pig mummy?"


Nat-Mardon said...

Well aren't you just the BEST mum in the world!! I love how you have activities planned for your kids - and so creative too! Love both the pigs ideas!! Great!!

Maybe I shall have to do something like that with Jaidyn. As much as he loves the TV and xbox and computer, maybe something NOT involving a screen would be good too!

Thanks for the inspiration!

Oh and I will be praying for your SIL too!

Anonymous said...

Katie, I hope all goes well for your sister-in-law, what a stressful time for them!

The pigs are a great idea - what a fantastic Mum you are! My kids would kill to do 'fun stuff' like that!

Kim G (for some reason Blogger won't let me log in)

Sarah said...

HI Katie,
Umm why were you up at

I will be thinking about your SIL. that is awful news haowever i did have a friend with the same problem and she went to 36 weeks... So hopefully fingers crossed she will be OK..

Now you are just the bestest Mum ever. You are so orgainized. I am sending my kids to your house for a

I hope your head is ok, that sounded quite nasty , you poor thing..

looking forward to the


Lyn Dwyer said... the kids Sarah...I want some pig bickies...LOL!They look great Katie!

Sorry to hear about your SIL....hope all goes well for her.

Not sure whether you have read my blog or not the past couple of days but Heidi Grace Kress has had her baby girl.....on Dec. 3oth . She had been on bedrest for the past few months...she had a caesarean...but all is well.

jane said...

hi Katie
yep, I agree with Nat! oh and with Sarah too- Ill give you my kids when hers visit too LOL

When Chloe had a rough time during her birth , I had 4 professionals (nurses/doctorsetc) tell me it was good she was a girl, as they cope alot better with the stress (and complain less too apparently )
I wish your SIL and family the best
oh, and ouch with the head- sounds like something i would do- not you LOL

Lisa W said...

I love the way you are creating these blocks of time for us. what a great way of showing off more photos for us.

I hope all goes well for your SIL. I had my twins at 25 weeks, and it was a very scary time. So every minute, hour and day that she can keep going just helps with everything!!

Love those piggy biscuits! Sure that you didn't do the kinder teacher thing in another life??? LOL


Sofi p said...

Katie, you look like you are all having a great time.

Prayers go out to your SIL. Hoping all goes well for her.

Sarah said...

Ohh forgot to add one thing Katie,
As you know both my kids were premmies. both 35.7weeks and Rebekah was much much stronger than Harry because she was a girl. When i first went into labour with Harry a week prior to having him the nurses and doctors just kept saying try and hold for one more week being a boy he will just be a bit stronger.

i had a longer stay with him and he needed to be in the special care nursery and Rebekah needed no help at all....

Just thought i would share..


Tara said...

love those pig ideas!! tfs

all the best wishes to your sil and family

Nic Wood said...

ILl keep your sil in my prayers Katie - what a scary time it must be for you all.

Can I come and play at your house??? Looks like lots of fun is being had. I used to do stuff like this with my older two boys when they were little (r)...poor Isaac seems to be missing out a bit! What a cool mummy all the neighbours kids must think you are!

Nic xxx

Lisa Le-Ray said...

What a rockin mum you are and I love your piggys :)
A blessing for the wee little boy xoxox

Cass said...

Sounds yummy. Can I have a piggy bikkie too?