Monday, January 29, 2007

Ethan [for the records]

Quick one tonight - I know... I don't do quick very well.

I'm really tired today. Had lots of activities planned to do with the kids but no energy to actually do them. We raced off to the doctors early this morning. It's a huge effort for me to be out of the house by 9, with kids fed, house tidy (well as good as it gets when you have two littlies running around), washing out, kids dressed, fed, teeth brushed, hair done etc... but we had a 9.10 drs appt. so we had to be. My Dr's gets really busy and if you have an afternoon appointment, you end up waiting 45 minutes longer - at least, so I waited till I could get a morning one.

Anyway... the point of the Drs visit. Ethan has a hernia in his groin. It's big too. So we are off to see a peadeatric surgeon on the 16th Feb... and the rest we will stress about then. It does need surgery though to fix it. No other option :( Prayers would be great! For Eth, the Sergeon and medical team, for it to be able to be done soon. Oh, and for us too. I'm a mess with little things, handing my baby over to someone to undergo general anasthesia and surgery... it's not good. Prayers for strengh would be great. (although we'll cross that bridge later on) Thanks :)

From Dr's we did Medicare, a little shopping, then up to the school to pay Liam's fees and swap his shorts over. Don't quite now what I was thinking getting him a size 6! Seriously... have you seen my son? Half the time he still wears size 2 shorts! And size 1 bathers LOL!!! I'm not kidding! Anyway, 4's are the smallest, so 4's we got.

Came home to put Eth down for his nap, but he decided he wasn't going to have one, so we went to the Library instead. Kind of a boring day, but got a lot of things crossed off my To Do list, so that's good.

OK, said I wasn't good at short.


Jess said...

I know it won't stop you stressing, but you'll be amazed at how well Ethan deals with surgery. They're so incredibly resiliant at this age. But all of you, including the doctors, will be in my prayers.


Megan said...

Oh Katie I really get the stresses related to your child undergoing surgery. Olivia had to have some dental work done under a general last year, and the lead up to it was really stressful for me, and sitting there while she had it done (2.5 hours) was also not much fun. The good thing was, that I knew the dentists did this kind of thing all the time, and so do the anaethetists. It was my comfort.

I am sure Ethan will go through without any hiccups, but I know that you won't be happy until it's all over...that's only natural.

Thinking of you, and yes, you'll get a prayer from me!
Megan xx

Nat-Mardon said...

Katie, many prayers for you and your family and little Ethy right now and in the near future... you may be handing him over from your hands, but don't forget he'll be in God's hands every step of the way!!

Jasmine said...

My brother had a groin hernia when he was only 2 - funny thing was my dad had one at the same time. They went to hospital and had surgery at the same time and everyone still laughs about it now - because not long after surgery my brother had the nurses chasing him all over the hospital! I pray that Ethan is in God's hands all the way and he has a great surgical team and really quick recovery :)

Ros said...

Katie, I know it must be so stressful with Ethy having the hernia. It is amazing how well the kids cope with the anasetic (sp). Josh had 2 anasetics when he was 2.25 years old. He bounced back great straight away and was a little tired the following day...


Sofi p said...

Prayers coming your way Katie. I know how stressful it can be (just the thought of general anaethesia), but as everyone has mentioned, littlies bounce back very quickly.

Susan (smiles1965) said...

What a nasty shock to be told Ethan has a hernia in his groin. OUCH, the poor little man.

I am sorry to read this news Katie.

Wishing you lots of luck. As a mother I know it's hard not to be worried but the Dr's have lots of experience and Ethan will be fine.

I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers xxxooo