Saturday, January 20, 2007

Can you believe he's nearly two?

Thought I'd better pull my finger out and get organised. He LOVES diggers, and has taken an interest in Bob the Builder lately, so we are going with a bob theme. I'm going to get a new (clean) Scoop to put on top of his cake. Anyway I sat down early this morning before the kiddos were awake and whipped this together. Thank to the Bob the Builder website for the pic of Scoop. It was supposed to be a screen saver, but I cropped Dizzy out. Used the Celebration digi kit from which is supposed to be 4th july themed... but it worked for me ;) The two was from one of the other kits... I think the vintage one?

Back soon with an update. Brett has just called to say he's on his way home with a new pet for Liam - EEEEEEEK and bugger!

Back to update...
We now have our very first furbaby... Benson. A very cute rabbit. My DH is one cheaky bugger though. Gee he know how to work around me something shocking! Had he come home and said, "I want to get Liam a rabbit" I would have said no way. No. NO! As a kid I grew up with pets. Mainly a black lab. He was gorgous. But a bit big for the cuddling on the couch thing. In later years we got a cat... but she was not nice. So not nice, I didn't let me boys go anywhere near her. She's gone now though. So I haven't really been the cuddling pet kind of girl. B and I always said we'd get a dog when we got married, but when we did, we were both working full time, and didn't want to get a dog and leave it on it's own at home all day. Then we had Liam... and that was enough to look after. Half the time I can't even be bothered to feed my family at the end of the day. (I do of course!) But worrying about feeding and walking a pet. Ugh, too tired.

So, as I was typing away on my blog, they pulled up, and went straight out into the back garden. Then called me out. My very first reaction was UGH! But Liam had seen it, so I couldn't just say take it back. So I picked him up and gave him a cuddle. Despite him being a little nervous he snuggled in to me... and I think I melted. He was cute! Laying on his back in my arms, with his huge feet sticking up, and his sweet little nose peeping out from between. Then tonight after the boys had had their baths, he came back in for a cuddle. He was a little wet, so B wrapped him in a towel. He lay on Liam's lap for ages, while Liam just watched telly. He has a beautiful temperment. He's three years old. He belonged to one of the guys who works with B, but he needed a new home now. Bummed I don't have a camera! B took a photo on his phone, so I'll get him to down load it later.


Tara said...

Two is such a fun time! I'm loving it with my boy. He says the most classic things, and his imagination is wild.

Jess said...

Fingers crossed it's a fish! So much easier to look after than a furbaby.


Lyn Dwyer said...

OMG Katie I can't believe E is nearly 2.
Hey Jess.......could be a pet that could be interesting!

Will said...

LOL!! Oh Katie, you big pushover!!! hehehe, Rabbits are very adorable though, and I love his name!!

Ethan's invite looks great!! I really need to get into gear and get Mati's done!! Might do a digital one, cos that looks great!!

Thanks for the inspiration!!


kathie said...

Is he really only two? I thought there was more of an age gap between him and Jamie. Cute invitation!
Yeah, we have a dog. He was my dog. I always looked after him. Phil didn't want one. Especially a fluffball maltese ;). And even now, he's still mine. I still have to wash, brush and feed him. And the poor little thing gets so neglected. I feel sorry for him a lot of the time.
Cute, a rabbit! I won't tell you about the horror rabbit we had when we were kids. It'll scare you :0

Nat-Mardon said...

Oh, a rabbit. Greg would *love* a rabbit, but unfortunately we aren't allowed them in Qld... if we were though, that's what we'd have too... don't have to walk a rabbit and can just move their cage around to 'mow' the lawn then can't you?? Enjoy him - they are so fluffy and cuddly!!

Leanne Stamatellos said...

Congratulations on having another boy in the family - Benson will fit in beautifully!

Love the birthday invitation - I must start on one for Joshua soon too - can you believe he's almost 1. They grow too quick!

Janine said...

Benson sounds so sweet- yes Katie you really do need your camera! LOL!!!
Enjoy your baby at two- it won't be long and her will be off to school and you will wish him two again- I know , my baby turns seven very shortly.


Lyn Dwyer said...

Welcome to the Toland a nice sound to it Katie!
Rabbits are such good pets....we had them for the boys. Rod made a hutch with a wire bottom that we could shift around the back lawn each day.Pets are so good for children....teaches them to care and look after something and to be responsible for feeding, cleaning out the cage,etc.ENJOY your new family glad it wasn't a mouse!LOL!