Thursday, January 18, 2007

about nothing inparticular...

I went to mums yesterday, and had lunch with Sharnie and my sister. Sharnie is doing ok, as well as you can really. Sometimes, life can be so cruel. It's so hard to see the reason behind things. I guess those are the times you just have to have faith. It was nice to have lunch, share some giggles, and just catch up. I left not long after lunch as I wanted to get E home for his nap, and mums house was SO hot! Despite the fact she has two airconditioners... she, for some reason, doesn't turn them on! I was getting frustrated with the boys, but it wasn't them at all, it was just that I was so uncomfortable... so we left, and came home. And E slept.

I am loving this 'have your nap at home in your own cot' stuff! He sleeps for about 2 hours! We have always been so busy running between appointments, kinder etc he never got to sleep in his cot. He did get used to being moved asleep though, and transfers so easily. I was chatting to a friend the other night, and she was telling me that she can not touch her child if she falls asleep in the car etc. I have it so easy in that respect. On Monday I had to go out and do a few errands in the morning. E fell asleep in the car on the way. I didn't have a pram in the car at the time, so I popped him on my shoulder and carried him into the post office. Had to write out some stuff in there, so held him in my arms, with his butt on the bench (taking his weight) for a while, but then he got to heavy, so I put him on the floor. Picked him up, back on my shoulder, lined up and paid etc. Into the supermarket, he went into a baby trolly, back onto my shoulder, into the car, back onto my shoulder, into his cot, changed his nappy in the cot, and he still slept for over an hour!

So in his sleeping time, Liam either does some activities at his desk, next to mine, or he has quiet time and watches a movie, while I get some work done. It's so nice to have an extra hour to get work done! This is my first official week off. This is the week I would normally have returned to work after Christmas. Loving it!

Already had a couple of job offers though LOL.

Managed to scrap a few DT pieces... feel like I am ahead with those... hopefully will continue to feel that way. Going to a crop tomorrow night, at Jody's with some of the girls from CTYD. Looking forward to catching up with them.

My camera has gone :( Only to be fixed, but I miss it. B yelled out to me tonight, that I was missing a scrapbooking moment. Hmmmm, I've missed many in the last few days. Hopefully she'll be back home soon. Something about me and cameras at the moment too. I did mention that I had a backup camera.... well, I got it out, put the batteries etc back in, took a pic... then it died. I can get it fixed... more $... I may as well buy something smaller. Anyone know of a nice little 'pocket' camera... cheap? But good? Well, as long as it takes a decent pic of the kids at the park etc. Will be nice to have something I can pop in my bag or pocket, just incase I miss another 'scrapbooking moment' LOL.

So, that's about it around here. Still chugging though photo orders. Still chugging though housework. Scrapping a little, but can't share [what good is that huh?]


Tara said...

Oh I wish my kids would sleep like that. My daughter is only brand new, I wonder if I can train her to be that way!

Lyn Dwyer said...

Katie.....sounds like E is a good sleeper are so lucky!
It's housecleaning day for me too today....I try and get the main stuff done on Fridays......I'm loving my new Nikon SLR......Katie....I still have my Nikon Coolpix 2500 and it is ALWAYS in my bag with me.I don't think they make them anymore though.I've had it nearly 4 years.I love it for those "scrapbooking/everyday moments shots...

kathie said...

It sounds like you are really loving being a WAHM. Good on you!
Your brother and sister in law have been in my thoughts since your last post. Such a hard, hard time for them.
Bless little Ethan :). I can't believe he sleeps through all that!
Here's to a happy reuniting with your camera :)

Jasmine said...

I wish I had good sleepers Like E! I always try to make it home before nap time because as soon as we pull into the garage they're awake and there's no going back to sleep :( I've been wanting to get a little compact camera too - we've been going to the beach a lot and I'm scared my SLR is going to get wrecked (covered in sand/splashed with water or worse still, stolen)- plus it's so cumbersome to carry around. I saw a little Canon the other day - can't remember the model number though, I'm pretty sure it started with the letter A :s it was around $400 - but was 8MP so I figure it would take pretty decent pics AND just as important would easily fit in my handbag or pocket if need be.

Sounds like being a WAHM is working out really well for you :)