Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Absolute mayhem!

It's not quite how I saw it all happening in my head! I never for a moment thought it would be easy, and I *knew* there would be grumbles, but come on people... it will only take 15 minutes!

"OK Liam, if you quit pulling faces we will be almost done"

"Ethan, sit down"

"Honey, make him smile"

"oh what ever" LOL

And this is what happens to the five year olds that wont stop pulling faces... they get cropped out! It was too cute of Ethan to miss it all together.

And I did get this one:

I'm actually very tempted to print up a heap of the out takes, and frame them in our room.

Brett's still on holidays, and it was my aim to get some family photos while he's home. This is his last week, so there is no more putting it off. The pics with me in them Brett took, the ones with him in I took, and the ones with all of us... the timer took. It was a bit gloomy this moring, and despite having FIVE windows in our room, it was still pushing the available light. Had to use f1.8 and about 1/125 shutter.


Anonymous said...

Hehe looks a little chaotic, but fun fun fun! :o)
Some of the shots you got are amazing. Totally cute! :o)

jane said...

oh what fun!
they look great- and i love the idea of framing the bloopers- captures the realness of your little family:)
i so need a large apeture lense (sigh)

Nat-Mardon said...

One good one is good though Katie! With two young boys, photos are near impossible huh! The outtakes will look fantastic on your wall, and will show who you all are, and the fun of your life.

My, you have a hunky husband too Katie. ;)

Sarah said...

WOW Katie, i love them. You have really capured a TRUE family moment. Well done.

Enjoy your last week home with DH.

Take care

Megan said...

How hilarious are the outtakes. I think they are actually the best kind of photos and I reckon printing some of those out is a brilliant idea.
See you Sunday - hee hee!!

kathie said...

Oh they're gorgeous. The out-takes show all the fun ;)
I'm with Jane. I need a better camera. There's no way I can take photos inside without a flash.
What a gorgeous family you all are!

Nic Wood said...

they are so cool Katie. Love that last one of you all on the bed - I reckon it would look fantastic together with lots of the others!
Pretty good looking family you have there too!

Nic xxx

Jasmine said...

Katie - they are graet photos. I love all the blooper ones. I think it's a fantastic idea to display them all together - what fun memories :)

Tam said...

ooh, I flipping *love* your green European pillows!!!

And you'll get in trouble posting pics of your hubby's chest on the internet - I'm with Nat ;o)

So sad I'll miss you on Sunday!

Sarah said...

Gorgeous photos!!

wendy t said...

Fabulous photos Katie, I love all the out-takes as much as the "good ones". You've really captured a family moment.

Lyn Dwyer said...

Katie....I just needed to check on you girl....WOW.....what a great family shoot....now maybe I could get my boys to do something similar.....I think NOT! LOL!

Sal :-) said...

Those photos are fabulous Katie & Just love the outtakes, very cool :D