Thursday, November 02, 2006

kept you waiting long enough?

Sorry girls, haven't had a chance to get back on here... but it sure was fun seeing all your emails come through today ~ thanks :)

OK, it's nothing magazine related! Heck I haven't even submitted a layout for probably about 6 months! But it is DT related. Janine from Scrapbook Station asked me to join their DT, and as you can probably guess... I said YES! There are some AWSOME scrappers on their DT, so I was just blown away by her email. So now I have two wonderful DT's. Lucky me huh!

I'll put some more links in soon. I'd like to say tomorrow, but with the party looming, a deck that still needs to be finished, weeding to do, and I also need to throw some mulch around the garden if I get time. Edit two shoots, one of which is almost done, but still need to proof it. So I may not get around to it. While I'm there, if anyone wants their blog linked, leave me a comment or email and I'll pop it in too. I'm so forgetful - I need these things written down in front of me.

Gorgeous Cass helped me get my msn working tonight. I could use it in BT's name, but it was seriously embarrassing! Just ask the SP girls who all got a great laugh out of it. I really want to do Nat Mardons SOF class... and there was NO WAY I was logging on with a bunch of christian girls with that name LOL So anyway, thanks Cass! You are a gem :)

So tomorrow is the big day! You know how much I love to reminice so here goes:
Five years ago today... I was bored out of my brain, and a week overdue and four days off my induction date. Mum called and told me she was going into Frankston to have lunch with my (just pregnant) sister. I made her drive all the way to Mount Martha to pick me up so I could go too LOL. They power walked all over frankston... and I waddled like made behind trying to keep up, in megga pain, with what we now know was a separated pelvis. Brett was supposed to pick me up from mum's on his way home... but he forgot. So our friend Joseph picked me up. In his brand new RangeRover with leather seats! Gee not much scared my waters would break LOL!

On arriving home, BT and Joseph decided we all needed to go down to Finders. I was buggered, but had been winging all week about being stuck in the house so thought I'd better go. All I remember was sitting at the end of the pier feeling so uncomfortable and just wanting to go home. We got home, and everyone decided to stay and watch DVD's. It was past midnight when they left. I looked out the door, noticed there was a full moon, and said "hey honey, look, full moon. Funny if we had the baby tonight". Yeah, well who was laughing when I woke up 1.5 hours later with contractions 5 minutes apart. I sat in the lounge drinking (guzzling) Rescue Remidy and writing down the time of each contraction. When my contractions were 3 minutes apart I called the hospital who told me to get my tooshy down there! So I woke Brett, who went into a tail spin (the reason I hadn't woken him earlier!) It was 6am on Saturday 3rd November. We called mum and dad to let them know our bubba was on his (or her) way, and headed for the hospital (via the vidio shop to return the DVD! LOL)

Now it could get really long, (and slightly gross) so short story:
4.14pm Saturday 3rd November 2001.
12 Hours of drug free labour (apart from some homopathic drops)
Our gorgeous little boy : Liam James Toland arrived.
Weighing in at 3395g or 7lb 7.5oz
Length: 52cm
His hair was dark, his skin quite olive, and his eyes dark blue.
He was amazingly beautiful!
He scored 9 & 10 on his apgar test (clever little thing ;) )
Delivered my our midwife Rosie
I was freaked out, excited and high! (remember no drugs - just hormones LOL)
Brett took one look and burst into tears (good tears).
First visitors were about 30 minutes later (as long as it takes to drive from Somerville to Rosebud) Mum, Dad, Brett's mum and dad, and a few minutes later his sister Sally. Brett's parents first words to us (GET THIS! Cos I'll never forget it!!!)

"Brett you look exhausted!"

So tomorrow, we'll celebrate five years of blessings all wrapped up in one blonde haired little boy :) xx love you angel face xx


Jasmine said...

What a beautiful story Katie - isn't it funny how we remember all the details of those important times! Glad you remembered to return the DVD LOL!!! Hope Liam has an awesome time tomorrow. Happy birthday Liam!!!

Congrats on the DT :) That's fantastic news!!! Thanks for not leaving us all hanging for too long ;)

Nic Wood said...

AWESOME about the DT. I hear they have some really nice people on their DT too LOL Seroiusly it will be fantastic having you on the team! Yeh I get even more Katie fixes!!!!!

Big Hugs

Nic xxx

Tam said...

ah, katie. that made me all teary! took me back 10 weeks - lol.

congratulations on the new DT spot - you deserve it! i've been loving spotting your work in the mags lately!

Cass said...

Congrats on the new DT spot!!! More goodies to play with! :)

Happy birthday Liam! :)

Sofi p said...

Happy birthday to Liam, Katie!

And huge congrats on the DT! You thoroughly deserve it.

Big hugs to you

Megan said...

Congrats on the DT position. You lucky girl. And have an awesome weekend celebrating lovely Liam. Hope it goes brilliantly!

Kathy Pitt said...

oh that is AWESOME Katie, Im so pleased for you, they are lucky to have you!

How beautiful you remembering that treasured moment of bringing a new life into the world

Lisa W said...

I am ever so glad to know that I am not the only sentimetal mumma on the planet. I often think about that days the boys were born.
Fancy brett looking tired. "what the??!! LOL

Congrats olso on another Design team.

Lyn Dwyer said...

Congrats on the DT position Katie. ST have a great team....including the lovely Janine and Donna and I think Steph.
Happy birthday to Liam tomorrow...BIG HUGS to your gorgeous blonde bomb shell.

kathie said...

Yay! I couldn't think of a better person to be our DT buddy :). Looking forward to seeing more of your gorgeous stuff. I loved the two you posted in the last layout - loved the mix of b&w and colour in the first birthday one, and the white background with the colour on the skittles one.
Loved reading your story about Liam's birth.

Janelle Wind said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the DT with Janine. She is lovely and I know you will be such an asset to her team. You deserve this as your scrapping is awesome.

I loved reading about your birth story too. It was so beautifully written and very special. Thank you for sharing it with us in such a way. x Janelle