Friday, November 03, 2006


just want to get a post in today... will edit to add photos later.

My gorgeous little man is officially five! And we almost missed it LOL I planned on getting up early so we could do his pressie thing before Brett went to work, but he has issues at work, and had to be in there by 6.00 - too early! So I continued to snooze... a bit too long. Woke at 8.08am... needed to have Liam at kinder in 22 minutes!

Ran down to his room, burst through the door singing 'happy birthday to you', grabbed my sleepy eyed angel out of bed, plopped him on my hip and ran back up to my room. Tossed him onto the bed (with Ethan, who had been snoozing along side me, but was now sitting there thinking 'where did she go?'. Grabbed his birthday pressie, watched him unwrap it in excitement, and discover with much joy that it was a Ninja turtles dress up and sword... the only thing he wanted! Left him to play with it for a few seconds while I ran back down to his room, grabbed his clothes, made him a sandwich and apple juice for brecky... it was the quickest thing I could think of. Threw a snack together in his lunch box. Grabbed his library bag, ripped open three bags of freddo frogs and put them in a container for him to share at kinder. Threw my own clothes on, threw his clothes on, brushed my hair and teeth, grabbed the boys and bags and buckled everyone in the car. Drove to kinder. Were the first ones there! One of the funniest moments from the whole morning was just after I'd grabbed him from bed... sleepily he asked "mummy, is it my birthday today?" I answered him, "yes sweetheart, you are five now". He just stopped, looked at me shocked and proud and said "AM I?" So funny; the expression and tone. Love it! Made me giggle.

Came home, showered, dressed myself and Ethy etc. Then set about to make Liam's bed with the spiderman doona cover I'd had hiding in my room for a few weeks. Also made him a little canvas to put his artwork on. I'll share a pic soon. I'm really happy with it actually and will make one for Eth's room too. Picked him up from kinder, and tried to convince him to come to his room for just a minute. His eyes nearly popped out of his head. He had to look twice, and the HUGEST smile came over his face. Just precious. He walked up to his bed and was rubbing his hand over the doonacover, like he had to touch it to make sure it was real. So cute. Hope I never forget that reaction or the look on his face.

I tell you our phone has not stopped ringing all day! And all the phone calls have been for Liam. I gave up this afternoon, and just let him answer the phone each time it rang.

Had a garden clean up ready(er) for the party on Sunday. Still need to get a few things tomorrow. Kevin and Carol (Brett's parents) came over after dinner as did Sally (b's sister) and Dave and bubby Hannah, for cake and coffee, and to give Liam his presents. Ethy also scored birthday presents from Nanna and poppy too!

My very exhausted boy was happy to snuggle down into his spiderman bed after everyone had gone. Now to snuggle down in my bed. Will be back with photos.

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jane said...

happy birthday to Liam- hope he had a great day!
and congratulations Katie on the DT- thats fantastic company to keep!