Friday, October 27, 2006

ebay irrits!

Had it with ebay. I'm trying to get a doona cover for Ethan for the end of the year when he goes into a bed. Attempted to buy a few Treehouse ones a few weeks ago, but missed out. So this week I found THREE seperate, gorgeous Designer Guild ones. Perfect skyblue backgrounds that would perfectly match his roman blind... the first had dogs on it. It was cute, my second fave of the three. I missed it last night, but wasn't all that disapointed as I REALLY *REALLY* wanted tonights one. Same blue background, but had little cars and double decker red buses all over it. Gorgeous! Missed it in the final 2 seconds - THE THE SAME BIDDER! He must have that program that nabs them in the last seconds. NOW I'M BITTER BABY! LOL, not really bitter, but peeved - yep. So the third... same blue, but with lime green stripes and cars, hot air balloons, tains etc, still gorgeous, but my least fave of the three. Had the snots, so wasn't going to bid, but thought I'd hang around and see who bought it... you guessed it. SAME PERSON! I know it's all up to the highest bidder and all that, but I still think it's unfair. It's obviously someone who's just going to resell it, and didn't really want it anyway. So, in my snotty frame of mind, I'm just glad I pumped that bidding up from $40 to $70. Ha! Happy reselling buddy! LOL

Ok, will go make myself a caramel latte, and resume my usual nice self ;)


Sofi p said...

Katie report it to EBay. There are lots of phoney bidders, some are usually the seller, but with another account to dummy bid.

Jasmine said...

I've had that happen to me a few times too Katie. Like you, I got a bit of satisfaction by pushing the bids up LOL!

LOVE LOVE LOVE all those LO's on the last post!!!

Nat-Mardon said...

How annoying Katie!! I reckon report to Ebay, see if they can do anything> Worth a try?

Janelle Wind said...

I used to buy a lot off ebay and you have to put in really weird amounts way above what you really wanted to spend. That was the only way I could win some - but I would email the winning bidder and say that you noticed they were buying them all and do they have a shop or something - maybe that way you could still get what you wanted.

Hope you can eventually get the one you love.

Love all of your LO's too - they are just beautiful, x

Beck said...

Try auction sniper Katie {}. It automatically bids for you in the last seconds of the auction. Love your layouts :)

kathie said...

Sorry that you missed out on the quilts, Katie. DH downloaded one of those auction watch programs a while back after we missed out on something that he really wanted, and it's brilliant! It really does save you from logging in time and time again and having to remember when the auction ends just in case you're out-bid. But the same person buying up all the quilts? That does sound suss.
Love all your LOs. I could've plucked the first day of kindergarten one off the page, I loved it so much. And I have an obsession with dots too.