Tuesday, October 31, 2006

busy, busy, busy

So, I'm at one end of the house. I look up and see Ethan holding something over his head at the other end of the house. He sees me see him. He laughs that cheeky laugh, that tells me he knows he shouldn't have what he's got. He starts to run away, still with this thing above his head. It takes me a second to focus in the distance, then I realise... it's my camera! What do I do? If I yell stop, he'll throw it onto the concrete floor. If I chase after him he'll run faster, with an excellent chance of falling over and dropping it [onto the concrete floor]. So I say the words I thought I'd never say - words that even surprised him. "It's ok, you can have it"... while I walk, fast, but not too fast, the length of the house to rescue my beloved camera. Besides, I have Ros' photos on Thursday.

I have photo's everywhere. Proofs to edit, proofs going out, orders comming in, orders going out. It's crazy... I love it!

Also Liam's party this weekend. His birthday is Friday, his party is Sunday.

Have been asked by a few mums in our estate if it was OK if their kids came trick or treating to our house. With Liam's birthday at the start of November, we always have the supplies :) Liam helped me make up some little lolly bags, and put them in a jack-o-lantern bucket mum bought him last week. It was his job to answer the door and hand out the lollys. He thought it was great... Ethan was just terrified of the monsters that kept comming to our door. He absolutly freaked with the first kids, and we had to get them to take off their masks to show him... he was better after that, but still cuddled up very close to me when he saw them comming.

Headed into Frankston this afternoon while Liam was at kinder to do some birthday shopping. All he wants is a Ninja Turtles sword. Yay [not]. While searching through Target I found a really nice pair of 3/4 pants for him. $21 with a clearance sticker for $6.50! Bargain I thought. So I bought a matching Tshirt, then cos I like my boys to co-ordinate I bought Ethan similar ones. Got to the register and the pants scanned at full price. I told the girl that they were reduced. She called the boys wear department, then just said "no their not, the sticker shouldn't be on them, their full price. Do you want them or not?" I told her that all the blue ones were reduced, Ethan's beige ones were full price, but the clearance stickers were on all the blue ones... like talking to a brick wall. Little miss smarty pants 15YO, just repeated the same sentence to me in that 'are you deaf' attitude. I wanted to give her a piece of my mind for being so RUDE! But I just stayed very nice, to which she just got ruder... to the point of pulling the tag off the pants while removing them from the hanger. I was going to let it go [I'm good at letting things go!], but decided bugger it! I took them to the service counter, where after a little too and frowing, the boys wear girl came and said, "we have to charge her the marked price!" Yay, did get that bargain I was after, much to the disapointment of the rude checkout chick, who by now had the other three girls around her all smirking and pointing at me... yeah, whatever. I know I was very nice to her, and the service lady, so if they want to carry on like (LOL) 15 year olds -hahahah! good for them ;) So glad I'm not 15 anymore. After all, I spent about $50, which I wasn't intending to spend, only because I thought I'd found a bargain.

OK I have to edit photos and pack more orders. My Scrap Pile DT package arrived today :) There will be new DT layouts up tomorrow (1st), sorry can't remember who's, but mine will go up on the 15th. Don't forget the Cybercrop on the 10th. The last one (the first one) was a blast, so make sure you join in again. OK, must get this work done!


Nic Wood said...

LOL about Ethan and your camera. Ims o glad you amnaged to rescue it safely - I bet your heart was going a million miles an hour!

Good on you for standing up to the check out chick - some of them have no idea what customer service is...sigh...young people these days LOL Im definately getting old!!!

Sarah said...

OHH NO!! about your camera. Good thnking for what you said to him.

All i can say is target chicks!! i was one once and those girls should know better. and that is all i am a saying..lol.. Congrats on winning the situation , as you should have from the start. I had a very similar situation a few weeks ago. i won as well....

Beck said...

Oh no Katie, not the camera :) Glad everything worked out ok. lol XXX

Megan said...

Sounds like things are crazy busy as your house (as usual). Hope Liam's party goes well. Sounds like it'll be lots of fun!

kathie said...

I bet your heart was in your mouth until you had that camera back in your hands!
Glad you got the pants for the marked price. I've had a similar situation and ended up telling them they could keep the damned product. Only to be told by someone down the track that it's actually law that they have to give it to you at the price marked on it. If it's their mistake, they have to wear it!
Have fun with the birthday party.

Jasmine said...

Not the camera - NOOOOOOO!!! Glad you got it back safely - don't know if I would have thought that quickly :s

Good on you for standing your ground at Target. Kathie's right - they have to give it to you for the lowest price marked on the item (I was a store manager at Lincraft ;) )