Saturday, September 23, 2006

The trim

Doing the FK EDM album has made me scrap the way I used to. It's not about the perfect photo. If I have the perfect photo I'll put it in a frame. It's about the story and the memory. I love that I can look through Liam's albums and my memory is prompted by the layouts there. I can sit and read his albums for hours and I laugh and cry as I do. I read and remember the funny things he did, the sad moments, his milestones and the scariest moments of my life as a mother. When I look at Ethan's I see perfect (well YKWIM) photos, but not a lot of *moments*. It's the moments I want to treasure the most. When he has grown I want to be able to read these albums and never miss out on the joy and happiness of reliving his childhood, because my memory has failed me. Last week I searched through almost a year of photo files and chose a heap of photos to have printed. And scrapping has become easy again. I was stuck in a rut for a while there, always trying to 'think' up something to say to go with the photo. These photos, while far from perfect, already have a story just waiting to be told.

The girls at the last Scrapanalia retreat were all in tears laughing abou this photo, as I still had it on my camera while I was there. Do you remember me mentioning that Brett *tried* to trim Ethan's fringe? Yes, the guy who will not let scissors come anywhere near his son did this! He didn't tell me what he was doing, just quietly took Ethan off to our ensuite and sat him down in there. He pointed the clippers at his head and moved in for the trim. Problem was that at the last minute Ethan put his head down. I'm not sure why Brett didn't think he might need to actually hold a 15 month olds head still. Ahhh, anyway, now that it's grown back I can bear to actually share the damage, and laugh about it :D

Mum and Dad took Liam and Aidan to see Bob the Builder at the Frankston Cultural Centre today. He had a good time, but was a bit overtired and cheeky when I went to pick him up.

Ethan has come down with a yucky virus again. This morning he had a runny nose, and I thought it was probably just side effects from his immunisations, but now its' developed into a pretty nasty cough, and runny nose.

Had friends over for dinner tonight. Mark and Bek own a fruit and veg shop, and Mark is a chief, so they bought they were in charge of the salads, and we did the meats. Marks mum also stopped in to pick something up from him, and stayed to have dinner with us as well. And Lozzy was here, and so was Hutcho. Actually he still is - crashing tonight. It's so sweet to see Ethan with him. Hutcho actually Dedicated Ethan when he was four months old, and Ethan just seems to have a bond with him that he doesn't have with many other friends. Really cuddly to him, where as with everyone else he's too busy running around to stop and cuddle.

Anyway, this was going to be really short! I don't think I'm capable of short!


Mardi said...

Katie I know just what you about the EDM album ...I love looking at mine already and it only has nine layouts...they are not perfect photos by any means...but they are moments captured...and I can feel myself moving back into the moment everytime I turn a page.
I love your 'Just a trim" layout...very beautiful...and dare I say funny (but not at the time)its such a great memory because Daddy will probably never cut his hair again.
Mardi x

Yvette Adams said...

Yep - that's what it's all about. The stories :) I LOVE your layout :)
I love your work. And thanks for visiting my blog!

jane said...

love the layout Katie,love the photo!how funny that he is actually holding the clippers.
we drove by your house today (well close-ish) to get our haircuts, thankfully we were well behaved for Karen LOL
gave you a big wave

kathie said...

I agree with you totally, Katie. It's about the memory for me. I realised a few months ago that I was putting off taking photos of Jamie becuase they wouldn't be perfect - the light wasn't right, the house was messy, he was dirty, etc etc. And suddenly, I had missed out on capturing so many moments.
Here's to capturing the moment and being able to laugh (or cry) about it still in 10 years time.

Sofi p said...

Katie you are so right with the EDM's. Every single pic is not always perfect (only studio shots taken by fabulously talented photographers LOL!)however, the way you scrap them are so important. Jotting down notes about the "moment" it was taken, and yes, looking back after 10 years and reliving those treasured memories, is what counts.

Love your recent LO's, you are always an inspiration.

Sarah said...

i sooo know what you mean about the whole perfect photo!!!!!
Your layouts are so good katie, and i am so glad to see you add flowers on boys pages, so many people are afraid to do this and you make it look so great!
just have to let you know that i am about to start Rebekah's kinder album and i am doing 8.5 x 11 and you know that i have never ever scrapped this size and it is going to freak me out...... But you have inspired me to do it!!!!

ohh and yes i love those doodle stitching rubons as well, i brought two packets of each.. Ohh.

take care and i hope you are enjoying this school holidays!! i love Pj mornings!!!


Nat-Mardon said...

That is sooo true Katie... I still haven't really got onto doing the EDM layouts, but maybe I should think about it more - those little moments are what is important when they are older huh... the stories...

Nat xx