Thursday, September 21, 2006

clean layouts & clean house

Two layouts in one day! And my house is clean! I signed up to FLYlady after reading about it on the Scrap of Faith site, and some of her routines are so good! I won't get into too much detail here, as it took me almost a whole day to read through the site before I signed up (in bits and pieces of course!). It's amazing though how one or two little things really do affect your thinking, and make you react in different ways. After following two of her baby steps routines, my house is clean, we got to swimming on time, ran some errands, got to the doctors on time to have both boys immunised ( :o( ), had time to play together, and get the washing in, out, folded and put away! It's such a cack! LOL

Anyway, layouts (cos I had time to scrap!) The first one is about the three boys in my life, and the things I love about them. Took me 45mins. I did have the journalling sketched already.

And another quicky. I am *SO*IN*LOVE* with those Doodlebug sew easy rub-ons

So my little boys got their needles today. I was more worried about Liam. He hasn't had any needles since he was 2, so he had no idea what it was going to be like. I wanted to prepare him, but not scare him either. We did him first as I thought if he sees Ethan cry, he'll freak out and never have them. The Dr was so good though, and so quick, the first one Liam didn't even realise it had been done. The second one he was a bit more worried about, but the Dr kept talking about StarWars to him (he has a little boy the same age), and he so wanted to know about the toys he *almost* didn't notice the second either... Ethan noticed his! Poor darling! They go so deep into those little legs. I need chubbier kids, I'm sure the needle is going to pop out the other side. He was soon more interested in the bandaid though, and at least they are all done now, for a while anyway.

OK need to go do my 'FLYlady' night routine and get to bed "at a decent hour" LOL You have to check her out. I think it's But I'll just warn you... you do have to do your own housework. No one will come and do it for you.


Tam said...

LOL. I'm glad she's working for you! I've really gotta get my routines going again - it's so nice to feel that organised!

Loving those layouts, Katie. And feeling for your poor little needle-stuck boys. I'm dreading the 8 week needles :o(

Donna Wilson said...

Ooh, I'm gonna steal that idea for my lo (the loves of my life) it's gorgeous. I don't like having to take my kids to the Drs for needles either, but I think I worry more about it than they do. xx

Lyn Dwyer said...

Oh never cease to amaze me with your gorgeous just keep churning them out...I REALLY LOVE the first one of the THREE MEN in your really have got A DESIGNERS EYE girl!

Megan said...

Love the "Loves of my life" LO Katie. What totally spunky guys your family are. This is such a cool LO. And I seriously need to go check out that flylady!!

Nat-Mardon said...

Katie - my little bubs had his needles the other day too - poor little munchkins... having 3! Oh my little man... he got over them pretty quick, but yes I can imagine it only gets worse as they get older...

These LOs are GORGEOUS!!!

Yay to FLYlady... I have only caught her bug in little bits and pieces... I think it will take this SHE a while to FLY... hehe