Thursday, September 14, 2006

The thrid layout I made with the Chatterbox kit from Scrap Pile. Didn't like this one to start with, but now I think it's my fave.

Got good mail today. My Scrap Pile order came - I bought scrapping goodies with some birthday money I was given :) Missed the delivery man as we were at swimming. Rolled up to collect my parcel with Eth on my hip, and Liam at my side only to be told I might need a trolley! OMG I didn't buy that much did I?!! LOL No, I also had some returned mag layouts, and another *parcel* that I don't know if I am allowed to mention(?) It's a photography *job* , and my boys are just stoked with it! Although it's still in the box :)

Bought myself a new pair of pants this morning too... *sexy* (according to Brett) combat ones. Dark grey/black this time... have light colour already, but they are a bit big now. So if my pants are getting too big, then I must *finally* be loosing this bubba chub! Well it doesn't look like it to me LOL Weight wise I'm OK, probably about 5kg heavier than I was before both bubbas (got back to same weight between) it the toning up issue. Which is a bummer, cos the only way to tone up it to get off my but and work at it! So decided tonight that I'd go for a run (after dark - ain't NO WAY anyone is seeing me LOL) Nearly let myself off the hook after mopping the kitchen/meals/family room floor... and its a big floor! But decided if I put it off tonight I'd have no hope. Decided to start small, as it's been so long since I did any hard excercise, so thought I'd try and get around the block without having a heart attack! I obviously made it back alive, but did have to stop and walk half way round. At the time the worst bit was my throat! Really sharp pain in it, probably the cold night air. But as I sit here now, my bloomin' pelvis is starting to play up again! Der... what was I thinking! (for those who didn't know, my pelvis separated when I was pregnant with Ethan - as in cartlidge broke away from pubic bone at the front. Take it from me, it's VERY not nice!) Maybe low impact would be better ;)

Also in other big news for our family my sister had her scan yesterday and we now know the baby's gender... if you don't want to know, say goodbye now :)


Seems Aidan was right! He was very adament that the baby was a girl, and would get quite annoyed if we'd say, "but what if it's a boy?" Don't think he's right on the name though (Polly) LOL. My parents have four grandsons, so they are finally getting a little pink one. The only problem now though is that *everyone* had already decided (apart from Brett and I), that if Sam's baby was a girl, we would definatly go back for another baby and try for a girl. Oh and I thought all those 'having anymore' questions were finished with... We'll see.

Kinder duty tomorrow, and Aidan in the afternoon. Get the feeling I might be a bit stiff too LOL.


Janelle Wind said...

Love you LO's Katie - they really are gorgeous.

I split my pelvis giving birth to my first (Emily) and I can totally relate to how it feels. It took me over 6 months to be able to even do a shuffle run. Thankfully it did get better and 8 years down the track I am fine.

Hope you are not too sore tomorrow. x

jane said...

love the LOs Katie- i really need some of that stars tape- everytime i see it i want it!
There are so many girls around at the moment- my neighbour and my friend have just had girls!

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

OUCH about the pelvis problem OMG how did you cope when that happened being pregnant?

Congrats to your sister. I hope the rest of her pregnancy is smooth and healthy.

Love these layouts, especially the hair cut one. I've always loved red, white and blue together.

Have a fun week end.

francineA said...

your layouts look fabulous!! Good for you doing your run..your a braver woman than would die from a heart attack just jogging up my drive

Roz said...

gorgeous work as always Katie!!

Yay on the girl!! How wonderful! maybe those 'having anymore' comments will now resurface?? lol

Carolyne Hallum said...

beautiful pages katie....maybe pilates would be kinder to your body, helps tone!! congrats on the aunty news, you will be able to do pink pages now. hugs.

Sofi p said...

Katie, your pelvic sounds extremely painful... (hope you are feeling a little better today). As Carolyne said, pilates is a good one to try, great for toning,and less strenuous too.

Love the LO's; both gorgeous, loving the colours on both.

Congrats on being an aunty again. We have friends who've had girls, and another is expecting a girl too.

Cass said...

Gorgeous layout Katie. :)

And yes, you can mention the contents of the 'mystery parcel'. LOL

Leanne Stamatellos (lili saint) said...

ooh .... mystery parcel !!

tell all - do you think any of us girls would spill the beans ?

he he ha ha ( with an evil laugh )

Megan said...

I'm with Leanne (insert another evil laugh) Reveal the contents of said mystery package. We will not tell!
Yay about a new niece. Maybe you can go back for you 3rd bubba when I'm on my first!!!