Tuesday, September 12, 2006

First Design Team Layouts for Scrap Pile

I'm a bit excited. This is my first design team layout for Scrap Pile. I love Chatterbox, and was so happy to get the Chatterbox Courtyard kit. Cass has this kit for sale in the shop. There are so many papers in there, I made the next layout too, and I still have another here, half finished. If you pop over to Scrap Pile and have a look in the gallery, you'll see the DT galleries. Click on mine and you'll find this layout, with the full instructions to make the page. The other girls have also uploaded theirs, using different kits, so if Chatterbox isn't your cuppa, go check out the others.

This layou is about Ethan's happy place... being out doors. Regardless of how bad his mood might be, as soon as that fresh air blows over him, it blows the mood away. He's a different child when you get him outdoors. I took the photo up at the Briars.

Took this pic of Liam at the Briars too. Such a cute kid. Very simple message here. Above all else, know that you are loved! Can't get much clearer than that. I love this paper combo together. Might have to get some more, so I can do more pages for different albums.


Lyn Dwyer said...

Katie.................these are just gorgeous! You definitely are the CBX Queen girl! I love the scolloped edges that you have been doing lately too.
Goes so well with the b & w pic of Ethan.I bet you are loving this DT position.....it gives you a purpose to extend your creative designing.

Megan said...

Love these LOs Katie. You must have been so stoked to get the CBX stuff. So excited for you about the DT.

NuttyScrapper said...

ok YUM

Carolyne Hallum said...

katie i bow to you with the pages you create - so pleased that someone finally found your talent. can't wait to see more of these....hugs!!! oh, don't forget us little people when you become really famous-he!

Sarah said...

Well done katie!!!!!!! Your rock chick!!!!! well it goes without saying that i adore your photos!!!! and well the layouts i am speechless.

Talk soon

Sofi p said...

Just love CBX, and your Lo's are so perfect! Looking forward to seeing more of your DT work too!

ozziemale41 said...

Hi Katie.
Brett wanted to know my blog??

Im new to this so i wasnt able to tell him but this is it...


As far as i can tell

Ross from Middys

Roz said...

ooh..ahhh...nice stuff!! I LOVE your work Katie!!!

Nic Wood said...

Gorgeous LOs Katie. Im right there with you on the whole brown and blue thing, I cant get enough of it atm either. Just love it with a splash of red too - so boyie (probably not a word LOL, but you know what I mean!)

How lucky to get CBX - yummo

Nic xxx

kathie said...

I love how you use CBX, Katie. Love the LOs.

Shazz said...

i love your LOs katie...visiting blogs (yours and all the other talented ladies whose blogs i visit) is like christmas morning to me...as the pages open, these glorious LOs appear before my eyes and i gasp with delight!!!

ok, ok...maybe that's a bit over the top but hey....i haven't had my morning coffee yet.....LOL

have a great day


rebecca said...

adorable pages!!

Janelle Wind said...

Katie I just LOVE these LO's of yours - as I do everything you scrap. Just so sophisticated and beautiful.

So sorry I missed saying Happy Birthday to you the other day. Hope you had a really special day x Janelle

Megan said...

These are just so gorgeous Katie!

Megan xx