Monday, September 11, 2006

That day!

So it took me a little while to get the next post up. Don't think I've ever missed a whole week before. I will do a big boring catch up in a moment, so don't feel you have to stay around and read :) First up though - today. It's a day etched in everyone's memory. Everyone will remember where they were and what they were doing when they first heard news of 911. For me, it was my 27th birthday and I was 34 weeks pregnant with Liam. We'd returned home late from antinatal classes, and headed straigh for bed. Didn't turn on the TV like we usually would have. The next morning out alarm went off (set to radio) and I couldn't work out what I was hearing. I thought they were playing some April Fools joke like they do on April Fools day... but it wasn't April, and it wasn't a joke. I got up, waddled down to the family room and switched the telly on. Then I sat on the couch and cried at the world I was about to bring a baby into. I was talking to Brett last night, remembering how there were lots of pregnant women widowed by that disaster, and how, when we look at Liam, we just can't imagine what it would be like for all those little 5 year olds (or almost) who were never able to meet their daddy.

On a happier note... it's my birthday! 32 today! OMG that sound so old!!! I'm old!!! But I've achieved pretty much everything I'd wanted to by this age, so it's all good. Brett took the boys out last night and got a chocolate cake and with did the "happy birthday" and candles thing for the boys... for Liam really. He just loves a birthday cake with candles, and to help blow them out. By the time I get home tonight, he'll most likely be asleep, so we thought we'd do it the night before.

So, for the last week: Tuesday we had our very first sleep over. Aidan came and stayed the night as Samantha had to go out, and David was away with work. Although he seemed a tiny bit apprehensive when Sam left, he was great. We let them sleep in the double bed in the spare bedroom. They were singing and bouncing for quite a while, but eventually they nodded off, and slept soundly all night. After seeing Aidan has his special teddy, Liam decided that he did need Woopy (his dog he occasionally sleeps with), but I couldn't find it, so told him he's be OK, just cuddle Aidan... he was happy with that LOL.

Wednesday was a new experience. Getting ready for work and out the door on time with three kids. Got some simpathetic looks at the petrol station on the way, when people looked in my car and saw three little boys in carseats all lined up ;)

Thursday was swimming. New teacher, but Liam swam really well. They also did a bit of lifesaving activities. One in the water had to yell out "HELP ME!" as loud as they could, then another little one had to lie down on their tummy at the side of the pool and hold a pool noodle out for them to hold onto, then pull them in to the side. They thought that was great fun!

Friday we had a kinder excursion to see Peter & the Wolf. Dropped Ethan off at childcare first then caught the big buss from kinder to Frankston. Kids thought the bus ride was brilliant, unfortunatly Peter and the Wolf was very borning! I remember seeing this in prep and not liking it, and it hasn't improved any. They need something visual. The breaks between the each paragraph of the story were too long, and the kids (and me) couldn't remember what the story was about. And at 4 years old they don't appreciate orchastra music. Mum was supposed to help me clean in the afternoon. I think she'd taken pitty on me LOL. But when I got home there was a message saying she wasn't comming. Bummer, I had a few hours to turn 30 squares from bomb site, to pristine; shop and prepare dinner for some friends from church Matt and Dani, and little Isabelle. Made it... just!

Saturday, had the day off! Can't remember the last time I didn't have to do anything on a Saturday. Well we did have a birthday party to go to for one of the little boys in Liam's kinder group. One of Liam's BEST friends at kinder :) We went ten-pin bowling! The kids had an absolute blast (and so did the parents!) Ethan came too, but stayed in the pram. My friend Kylie and her other little girl Emily who is about 7 took him for a little walk through the shops while they had to run some erands. I think Emily was so excited to be able to push a baby around in his pram... little girls are just so cute! After we got home, Brett took the boys out whipper snipper shopping, then ended up at his sisters house. I scrapped! Cass sent my first DT package from Scrap-Pile. I got the Chatterbox kit which is just perfect for me. I've already uploaded my layout and the instructions so pop over if you want to see. Drove out to mums to use her sewing machine for three layouts. Stopped at Terry's on the way to get my ticket for the Dylan Hartung Scrapbooking Day. I know Megan and Sofi have their tickets. Anyone else comming? Then at night we went to a footy-tipping BBQ.

Sunday was booked to take Ange Warren's family photos on the beach. But the weather was crappy, and she had to travel so far, so we decided to reschedule for another day. Even if we got a break between showers, the sand would still be wet, and the wind would be cold... bit hard to look like you are having fun, when you are freezing! LOL So we went to church instead. Both boys stayed out in kids church, and creche for the entire time! Whhhooooooo Hoooooo! Got to sit with my DH and not get distracted for once. After church we had to go straigh home cos I realised I'd left my hair straightener on! Did some weeding and put down some new mulch. Our front garden is almost looking reasonable! Still lots of other areas of weeding to do, but we are getting there. Brett went back to church at night ~ he likes hanging with the young guys/youth leaders ;) When he came home we lit the candles and sang happy birthday to me. So, there you have it, another full on week!


Leanne Stamatellos (lili saint) said...

hey there katie !

just thinking of you and your birthday today - best wishes and you look great for 32 !!!

as for being old , remember that there are some of us that are older than 32 , and we're not old, right girls ?!

have a great day!

Sarah said...

Welcome to the club Miss katie. You know we are in the minority these days. not many ladies have even started to have kids and here we are at 32 finished and we too can grow with our kids. Hope that makes you feel a bit better. Hope you are having a wondeful day even if you are at work....Ohh

Seeya Sarah

Sofi p said...

Katie, big happy birthday wishes from me, and hope you are having a wonderful day!

Big hugs

And yes, you look gorgeous for 32!

Lyn Dwyer said...

Happy Birthday Katie!
32......mmm....I wish ...try adding another 21 years to that.......have a great day Katie!

Nic Wood said...


Im with the others 32 is definately not old!!

Hope you had a wonderful day.

Nic xxx

kathie said...

Happy birthday! Glad that you had a good day, you spring chicken ;)

Yes, I remember this day five years ago. I still remember my feeling of disbelief and horror as I caught it all on the late news. Just horrible.


NuttyScrapper said...

Happy Birthday :)

Lisa W said...

Katie, Firstly HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

I too was pregnant with my twins, and came home from a kinder meeting to see it live on the TV. I still remember the horror I felt , and the protectivness over these two innocent unborn children. What was the world facing. So I too feel very saddened when I think of the families who lost loved ones at that time.

PS I know the feeling of three carseats really well too. LOL :)

Donna said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Katie! Hope you have an amazing, fun, happy day filled with all the good stuff birthdays bring.

Megan said...

Happy Birthday lovey. Hope you had a great day. I was thinking of you.

Nat-Mardon said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!! Hope you had a fab day yesterday :) Goodness girl, hard to keep up with you and your busy lifestyle!

Oh, and I too have left the straighener on before - probably more than once - oops!!

Nat :)

Jody White said...

Happy Birthday Katie!!!!

Hope you had a great day, and got spoilt.

Yes I remember 9/11 we had arrived in the UK the day before it happened, it put a real dampner on our holidays, because it was the unknown, talk of being World War 3. Thankfully it didn't come to that. I vowed I would have no more children after that, but softened and went back for our 2nd and so glad we did. Its such a terrible world we live in hey.

Have a great day and many happy returns.

Ruey said...

Happy Birthday Katie!!! sure had a fun filled week!! Love your Scrap Pile DT layout....I have never been very fond of cbx.....and have only ever used 2 pcs...yah...truly...only 2...but you make it look sooo darn good...I'm inspired!!!

And BTW...32 is not old....please take that statement back because if 32 is old.....then I might be in the endangered species or extinct category!!!!

Yvette Adams said...

I really love your style. I love your use of browns and muted colours.
And a belated happy birthday to you!