Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Thankyou from the bottom of my heart!

Thank you so much for all your prayers, well wishes and emails. You girls are just THE best support! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!! Dad is doing well, still in Hospital. They did some tests this morning and think one of his arteries is very narrow (a genetic thing). Both his dad and brother died of heart attacks at 50YO, and dad is now 68. He definatly lives a better (healthier) lifestyle than them, and at least he is now under the eye of a cardiologist, so as soon as anything is not quite right they can whip him in to check it out. Luckily they have private cover and a fantastic hospital very close by. Anyway, he will have to go into Melbourne to the Alfred Hospital for some more tests, so I'll keep that posted. Please continue the prayers - Thanks!

Both Brett and I were up early this morning, tip toeing around the house so as not to wake our house guests. LOL they woke up not much later anyway. Crack ups those boys! Unfortunatly Ethan broke Jonathans MP3 player so we have to get him a new one... Brett's found a few on ebay he's watching. I know nothing about MP3 players. Also unfortunatly Jonny woke up with a tummy bug, apparently Ash had it prior. Yucko! Nothing like feeling sick, and being in someone elses house. I had to take off really early so we said our goodbyes and left them here to take their time before heading back to Beechworth. Can't wait to go visit them (when their new house is built)

Had to have Liam at Frankston Hospital for speech at 9.00, made it with two minutes to spare. Was a bit worried what the receptionist would be like if I was actually late! She was, for the record, very nice this morning. Lisa, Liam's speechy was wonderful! I know a few people who have seen her - and Jody she said to tell you she is now married! :) Liam did so well. Got all his F words right straight off, got them all in phrases, and even got three in one sentence! Little bit of homework to do this week and next time we will start a new letter :) Lisa works in a very similar way to Jenni, so it's great. And early morning was a great time for Liam (concentration wise). We were back home by 9.45. Liam suddenly became very cranky and clingy afterwards. He's had a cold for a few days now, but he was not happy. I finally convinced him to have a little nap before kinder. He went down on my bed at 12.00, by 1.00 he was still out cold, so I left him to sleep and put Ethan down too. Won't hurt to wag kinder for the day. They both woke at 4.30! All afternoon with both boys asleep. It was great, they obviously needed it as they are not well. I managed to finish editing a photo shoot, but still need to proof it. Will do that tomorrow, tonight I'm off for an early night with DH.

My sister is going to have the boys tomorrow. I don't know what to do about work. Obviously it's too much for mum and dad to have the boys. If I take a sick day tomorrow, he'll expect me to work a day extra to make up for it. Brett is off for another ski trip tomorrow, his last as he starts his new job next week! New job you say? Yes I didn't blog it earlier. He's still with the same company, but is no longer going to rep. He'll be the manager of the branch closest to our house! It will take him about 2 minutes to get to work (and should take 2 minutes to get home too DH!!! LOL) It was (another) one of those things that 'no one' is supposed to know about until it becomes finalised... but 'everyone' does LOL. So I thought I was best just not to say anything on here.

OK back to my job. I think I'll try and have a little chat with my boss; be honest with him and just tell him the troubles with mum and dad etc. I'd like to run the idea past him of finishing at maybe 3.00 or even 4.00 just to releive the pressure of that 4-6 'witching hour'. He's off for a holiday to Vietnam in September, so I won't leave before then anyway.

Also on the topic of work. I asked for two in trays. Previously Son and I has shared the one, and he has so much crap in there I could never find the work I was supposed to have completed etc. Had to laugh yesterday when I turned up at work to find two in trays... a full one and an empty one. Guess which one was mine :) Yep, the empty one... and it was empty again when I left. Will probably be full of post-it notes in the morning though! Ahhhh!

My five things I'm thankful for today:
1. Great hospitals and medical staff for my dad
2. Living in this day and age, with life saving technology available
3. Beautiful emails from loving and caring friends
4. New friendships
5. My boys sleeping for a few hours today


Sarah said...

HI Katie,
i have been out of the loop for the last few days. I am sorry to hear about your dad. I hope everything turns out OK.... Hope the boys are feeling a bit better soon. Safeway Sell MP3 players. 1 gig for $79.95. they are apparently quite good....


Nat-Mardon said...

Good to hear that your dad is doing better - the power of prayer hey!! He's doing sooo well if his dad and bro died so young - hasn't he been blessed!!

I love your photography too Katie - wish I could do that!! What camera do you use?? Beautiful beautiful work!

Was great to get to know you a bit through email today. Look forward to more correspondence with you.

Nat :)

kathie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad and how worried you were. I'm glad that he's OK.
Yay for you for asking for your own in-tray. Not before time too :). It should be pretty obvious who's doing the work now, lol. Good luck with the negotiations. I still think that it sucks that you have so much stress over taking a sick day. Sigh.
I have no idea about mp3 players either.

Lisa W said...

Hey Katie,
Really hope that your family gets better soon - both the old and young. Been away for a few days - so a shock to read your news! And yes, I am also thankful everyday for our hospitals and skilled doctors. Without those we would not have mitch and Cam with us today. Hope this week gets better ...

Jody White said...

Hi Katie, sorry to hear about your dad, he is in the best hands now which must be reassuring. Hes in my prayers for you. I spent all day at Royal Childrens with my 3 year old, just a small procedure, but helps knowing he is in the best hands. So Lisas married! Good luck to her she is a gorgeous girl. Hope everyones feeling better soon. Keep your chin up...

Megan said...

Glad to hear you Dad is getting the help he needs in hospital. Hope this weeks gets better and better for you.

Kathy Pitt said...

Thanks for the update on your dad, I was thinking about you last night, that you are so blessed to have him (i never really knew mine and its too late now). How good he is in good health, i am sure that makes a huge difference.

Congrats on hubbys job change, It sounds like it is better than before, being so close to home has to be a bonus :)

& Good luck sorting your job out too girl, I hope it goes well for you :)

Megan said...

Oh Katie I am so pleased to hear your Dad is okay. And yes, we are so lucky to have great hospital care aren't we? My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Your layouts are gorgeous as always. Such beautiful photographs and papers...you just have the knack!

Megan xx

Rach Axton said...

Hey Katie, I so didn't realise about your dad!!! I'm glad he is okay for now and hope all the tests come back favourable!!! You are definitely in my prayers..

Love your layouts too.. and thanks for pointing out the missing info in my post.. lol..

Glad to hear Liam is doing well at speach.. I cannot wait to see him and Ethan again.. Megan will love it too!! :)

Take care.. and keep in touch.. and cya soon :)

Hugs xxx

Sofi p said...

Hi Katie, it is great news that your dad is getting better. Hope your work situation works out for you. Hopefully your boss can be understanding enough to let finish a little earlier. Oh, and congrats on Brett's new position.