Thursday, August 31, 2006

Here you go.

First up HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DADDY! 69 TODAY! Whoo-hooo! Congrats Dad, love you HEAPS more than HEAPS! We are having birthday celebrations combined with Fathers Day celebrations on Saturday... and he has a BIG surprise in store. Have to take the camera ;)

Today 32 years ago was also the date I was due to be born. I was comfy though and didn't want to move until the Drs forced me out in another week and a halfs time.

Not too thrilled about putting a pic of me here, and I would like to find a *nicer* one, but this is all I have at the moment. (Check out the 'telling DH what to do with the camera' eyes LOL) It would be nice to have someone around who could take photos of me with my kiddies during the everyday moments, but no... there is no one here who would think to do that ;) Hair looks a bit fluffy here. Its usually waxed down a bit more, and spikey at the back - can't really tell that either. Actually what good is that photo anyway LOL?

Liam had swimming this morning and did really well. Got to go in the big pool again, and he just loves that! After swimming we hit the shops to get some birthday presents. Liam has been invited to two kinder kids parties over the next two weeks. I found some nice bathers so I'm all set for summer now. Went with a nice chocolate brown tankini, with a few little appliqued flowers (going to copy that for a layout!). You can see a sliver of my tummy, but not much, and seeing as I luckily escaped stretch marks twice it's not that bad. Anyway, it's about having fun with Liam, not what I look like in bathers.

Tomorrow if the weather is OK we are hoping to have a little picnic outside the swimming complex. There is a big park there. If not we'll go somewhere else. So tonight, I got organised early and right as witching hour was about to hit, I set the boys up at the table with some marie biscuits, a few bowels of different coloured icing and some sprinkles and smarties. The idea was to make smiley face biscuits to take with us tomorrow. Liam did a wonderful job, although he did decide that his little faces needed smartie earings too, and I got a little worried when I saw just how many piercings some of them had! Ethan had a little play too, until he decided it was better just to eat the smarties, and then when Liam and I were not looking he climbed across the table and grabbed one of the biscuits Liam had iced! I looked up and saw him eating it and asked Liam if he'd given it to him. The horrified look on Liam's face as he looked at the plate told me "NO". They are all packed up now ready to take tomorrow. Mum is comming too and bringing Aidan so it should be a lovely afternoon. I'm really looking forward to spending some time with my boys, just playing. I feel like I've been so snowed under with work lately that they've been dealt the short straw. I've left this weekend free, and only have Ange the weekend after.

I also got a text message from my recent maternity client. She had a baby boy this morning! And guess what they named him.... the scrapbookers #1 baby boy name... yes, there is another ETHAN in the world :)

When I was pregnant with Ethan we decided to keep his name a secret until he was born, as we'd found out that time that he was a boy and had let people know that, so we still wanted to keep something for a surprise. I remember talking to Annette (nettieR/Scrapbook Establishment) one day, and said "it's not a popular name, but it is in the scrapbooking world", She immediatly said, oh it's Ethan! I realised then and there that I'd better not give away any hints! And between her and I he became "baby E". She was also pregnant with her little boy Eden at the same time, so we both had baby E's. I miss her actually, it's been a long time since we last spoke. My whole venture into starting my own photography business came from her. It was her encouragement, faith and kick in the butt, that made me take the first steps, and I'll always be so greatful to her for that.

Thanks for the comments on the seatbelt drama too. I didn't really write it that clearly, but he was actually out of the seat! He was standing between the seats and trying to climb up onto Liam! The seatbelt has been fine today, but you can bet I was saying some prayers as I was buckling him into it! Hopefully the new ones will arrive in the morning.

OK, bed time. If this little duck is going to get better, she needs to get some sleep!


NuttyScrapper said...

OOoohhh so not how I pictured you!!

Megan said...

Yummy Mummy Katie. Your hair looks great. So glad you are getting some time to just hang out with the boys today. Have fun

Sofi p said...

Katie, you look fabulously glam! Huge congrats too (I'm tooting for you!!!)

Big hugs

Lyn Dwyer said...

Katie................this is a lovely pic of you girl!
I can just see Brett trying to do"what you do" least he took it for you!
Have fun with the boys.....they are only young once and it's so important to spend as much time with them as you can.
Kids and cooking.....they just love it!
HAPPY BRITHDAY to Katie's Dad....69 years young!

jane said...

happy birthday to your dad- its Als bday tomorrow, so we have a busy weekend too
Love the 'do'- so youre a Virgo too like al- make sure you let us know when its the day
hope youre not getting blown away today

Anonymous said...

woohoo !


Nic Wood said...

Your hair looks great Katie - gorgeous colour too. At least he took the photo for you..if you manage to find one of those husbands who thinks to take some pics of you and the kids doing those everyday things, let me know, Ill have one too LOL

Hope you had a fun day with the boys and your mum today.

Nic xxx