Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Some recent shoots.

Sweet, tiny little Ava and Charlie. The two of them together take up the same amount of room as one baby on the rose blanket!
They reminded me of a little spider in this shot, there were arms and legs wiggling around everywhere!
Either Ava or Charlie... not sure now.
And sweet little Zarah in the tub. What a gorgeous little smile, such a happy little girl. Ahhh, have I said I love my job :)


Sarah said...

OHHH OHHHH OHHHH my heart melts....
sooo cute. I wish I had newborn pics like these..ohhh

kathie said...

I do love that butterfly on the tin pail :).
Beautiful photos, Katie

jane said...


Leanne Stamatellos said...

don't know what i love most - those precious babies or the rose blanket !

where did you get that ?

Sofi p said...

Awww, so sweet!

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

Ohhh so cute, beautiful and precious. Your so talented Katie.

One question though, since it is the middle of winter how do you encourage them to remove all their clothes. Do you have the room heated or some other magic trick?

It would take lots of bribes for me to undress in the middle of winter to be

Katie Toland said...

LOL Susan... the room is HOT! We crank the heater right up, we also cover the babies with a blanky right up until the moment we take the photo, and we also remove dummies at the very last minute (notice the 'sucky' lips in one of the pics LOL)

The babies in the tub are also sitting on cloth nappies nappies etc. And I have been known to hide a heat bag or 'warm' hot water bottle under the roseblanket, which is on a beanbag.

Leanne, I made the roseblanket by hot glueing over 500 roses onto a bunnyrug.

Cass said...

Those photos are just divine! :D

And you glued all those roses to the blanket??? Now that's commitment!