Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Next two

First up is little Tia. I photographed her late last year. Her mum is the naturapath that helped me out when Ethan had the cyst around his molar and the dentists wanted him to go under general anasthetic to have it removed so the tooth could come down. After four days on some minerals the cyst burst and the tooth was able to come through. And we were very relieved he didn't have to undergo general anasthesia! This photo is usually portrait, and Tia filled just about the whole photo, but I wanted to use it as an example of the rule of thirds in a formal portrait, so I put it on another layer in PS and filled the top part with the same black the backdrop was. I thought I might get an 8x12 frame for this and give it to Jacqui, Tia's mum.
Another late night one, or early morning one as it happened to be! An example of natural light, ourdoors, but in shade.

The kinder auction night is on on Saturday. I donated a sitting and package. Wonder what it will fetch. I won't be able to go as Brett is going to the snow for the day. Only fair really, when I went away for the whole weekend last week! Reminds me that I have to cancel the all day crop at CTYD, which I wasn't sure I'd be able to make anyway... thought that might be taking advantage a little too much. I'll have a nice quiet night scrapping here instead. Anyone want to join me?

I'm off for another early night tonight. I did try last night, but it didn't quite happen. After finally getting the boys into bed I flopped on the couch with a cuppa, and was sorting through all the stuff on my mind. Work/stay/quit/extra days/organising the week around that etc. Not two minutes later Ethan screamed. I went in and he'd thrown up everywhere again! I picked him up and put him in the shower while I stripped his cot and remade it and cleaned up the floor - THANK GOD WE DO NOT HAVE CARPET YET! The whole time crying with exhaustion and frustration and stress. What's with this virus! Why is he sick again! Is this going to go through the whole house again! At this rate I'm going to be going back to work full time to make up the days. Brett called and I told him. Do I leave now, being the start of a new financial year (I'll get family payment which I currently miss out on because I work), or do I stay. Boss gave me a tax time bonus yesterday, and he is very generous with bonus', and that was still sitting in my handbag. If I go in and resign on Wednesday I'll have to give that back to him. I wouldn't feel right keeping it. Decisions, decisions. And it all seems so much more confusing and hard because I am so exhaused. Which leads me back to my attempt for an early night. Liam came in to our room and told me he needed to go to the toilet. He does that, walks straight past his toilet and uses ours. I don't get out of bed, I just tell him "go on then sweetie" and he takes himself off. Had to giggle though last night when he replied to me "you get a pillow in the middle for me, and I'll be back!" Seems he's sleeping with us. From then on Ethan woke every two hours. He was happy to sleep as long as I was holding him. I fell asleep for an hour or so in the gliding rocker chair in his room, then managed to put him into his cot. It wasn't long before he woke again. I figured he was hungry when I was looking for panadol and he spotted the choc chip muffins on the bench and kept pointing and yelling for it. I offered him a savory cracker, but he threw that across the room and continued to yell and point for the muffin. So at 4.00 am I let him eat it. I lay down on the couch and he sat on top of me eating the muffin and drinking a bottle of warm water. (he can't have milk yet because of the chucking). This continued on until 7.00am when Liam appeared next us and asked me to turn on ABC kids.

No one has been sick today! Please, please, let me get some sleep! I packed the bags for tomorrow early, so I'm off to have a shower and bed now. And, no, I won't be resigning just yet. If I stay till October, I should be entitled to long service leave! Ha!! I'll have been there 11 years, but took just under 6mths off x2 for maternity leave. Is that right Kathie? Am I entitled to it? Or is it up to him? You are going to be my personal HR contact now LOL ;)


Crissy Gaylor said...

I do not know how you find the time to do everything that you do Katie! Gorgeous layouts as always and I find that I learn a lot about photography just be reading your blog.

Sofi p said...

Katie, I hope you are feeling better tomorrow, after a good night's sleep. How do you juggle everything?

I'd love to join you on Saturday night! Dh owes me one (LOL).


Sarah said...

HI Katie,
I hope you are already off in the land of Nod!!!!

I am working on James for the Saturday night, but i dont like my chances right now having Harry sick. I'll let you know...


Ange Warren said...

Hi Katie,
I so hope you are sound asleep, you definately deserve it. Glad to hear that the boys seem to be on the mend.
Oh how I wish you lived right around the corner. After the week I've had so far I could do with the break on Saturday night.
Ange xx

Megan said...

Hope you got a good night's sleep last night. You sound so exhausted - just want to come over a give you a big hug. Hope your house becomes healthy again very very soon. Praying for you.

Mardi said...

Katie ....sick kids and juggling everything...you deserve nomination for super mum.

I just love your layouts too...your unique style and stunning photography.

Hope your work issues sort out soon...(((hugs))
Mardi x

Donna Wilson said...

I hope you're all a little healthier now..... And ditto to what everyone else said.. I don't know how you do it !! xx

kathie said...

Oh you poor sweetie. I so feel for you. I know all about rocking babies to sleep - that's what I've been doing these last three weeks too. But I don't have to work part-time too. And I only have one little baby. And I don't have to clean up sick.

You are totally entitled to sick leave. There is an employment Award that says so.

Also, although I don't know the Vic legislation, here in SA you are entitled to take your long service leave once you've worked 10 years. You are usually also entitled to be paid out the amount pro-rated if you resign after 7 years (or more) of employment. I suggest that you ring your Business advocacy unit and find out what the deal is in your State.

As for your boss. Don't you DARE feel like you have to make up time! You don't. And if you do, I'll come and kick your butt because you will totally wear yourself out. You can't be everything to everyone and your family comes first. The boss might not like it but there's nothing he can do about it. If he sacks you, let me know and I'll come round and sort him out!


Peta said...

I had to giggle about Liam walking past his toliet and coming into you... was at my sisters this weekend and she said the exact same thing about Leah - she does that too - will come in of a night time and get kim up to take her to the toliet - mean while she's had to walk past not one but TWO toliets to get to Kim!!! Crazy kids :)