Thursday, July 06, 2006

Flaked out

Thank you so much for all of your advice and support. It really is giving me so much strength to get through this all. It's nice to know that I am in the right, and I'm not being unreasonable or "unfair" by asking for what I am entitled to by law. But that said I also don't think it's the right time to cause waves at work. I want to be able to hold my head high, and know that I have only given my best when I do turn in that resignation. I know what I am asking for is not unreasonable. Infact it's not that he asked me to work an extra day to get through the workload that bothers me, it's the fact that he said "I think it's only fair", when quite clearly, it's only fair that I receive the sick leave I am entitled to. If I face this issue again before the end of the year, which I will when the next public holiday falls on my workday, I'll take it up with him, but right now, I just don't think it's the right time. Clearly he has much bigger problems than I do right now. It's always been this way, it's not something that has suddenly happened. For the past 4 years, ever since I went back part time after having Liam I have worked a day in leu for public holidays and sick days. More to get through the workload than anything. Before it was never such a problem, but with Liam in kinder this year I just don't have the spare days. But he needs to know the law anyway, for who ever replaces me next year, if they do replace me at all, will face the same issues.

So did you miss me? LOL I was still on my way home from work last night when Brett called to say he was leaving for netball (I know, it's hillarious! I think he only plays for the girls ;)). Got home organised dinner/baths etc for the boys. I was so exhausted I asked Liam if he wanted to come an have a lie down on my bed. The last thing I new I was lying there with Ethan on my tummy, and Liam next to me. The next thing I new DH came in and it was 10.30! He put the boys in their beds etc and I kept sleeping until this morning. Boy did I need that.

So I woke this morning ready to start running at 100 miles an hour again. First up, did my grocery shopping, (still dressed in my work clothes from yesterday!), while the boys ate breaky. Got to love that online shopping. All up it took me 10 minutes :) Should be here tomorrow night after I get home from work. Stopped at Paper2 on the way to swimming for a large circle punch, I need it for some logo stickers for KTP. Then swimming. Liam did so well again. Marissa asked for an assessment to be done on him, and he is moving up into the next group. YAY for him! He's so proud of himself and I'm so proud too. He got a certificate and I bought him a lolly snake to celebrate on the way out. I've also decided that Marissa (his swimming teacher) IS pregnant. Next up a burn through the supermarket for a couple of little things, make lunch, pack a photo order, drop Liam at kinder, come home, put Ethan down for nap, confirm Saturdays shoots, continue editing the next set of photos (Zarah's). Get Ethan up, cuddle & quick play, pick up Liam from Kinder, drop off photo order. Home, make some phone calls to make tomorrow work, and here I am. Ready for a quick blog and then dinner.

I thought I had tomorrow all worked out well, then DH called to say he has a meeting so won't be able to get Liam to kinder. I called Kylie who lives in the next street. Her little boy Cooper goes to kinder with Liam, and she agreed I could drop Liam off at 7.45 and she'll take him. Thank goodness for friends and family. So tomorrow should run like this:
DH gone 7.00
Me; drop Liam off 7.45 at Kylie's; drop Ethan off 8.10 at mums
Kylie take Liam to kinder 8.30
Me arrive at work 9.00
Brett leave work 12.00, arrive at kinder 12.30 and pick up Liam. Take him to mums 12.50, then back to work for lunch meeting 1.00. Leave work 4.30, pick Liam up from mums and take him to boat show in city.
Me; leave work 5.00, arrive at mums 5.45 pick up Ethan. Take him home and meet grocery delivery man. (Fall asleep in middle of kitchen floor surrounded by groceries)

Just wanted to get that down, so this time next year, when I am wondering why I didn't leave my job earlier, I'll be able to look back at the kind of mayhem I was living in! LOL Now, off to work out just what I need to pack for tomorrow. Tell you, I couln't get through this life without such supportive friends and family.


Sarah said...

Don't know how you do it all supermum!!!!!! I am flaking out very soon as well...

Carolyne Hallum said...

you're going to burn yourself out girl....the things we do!!! i think i need to go to bed as you've just exhausted me.

Nic Wood said...

rothlmao at the picture in my mond of you asleep in the midst of all the groceries!!

How precious that you were able to fall asleep with both of your boys (and not have to get up to put them in their own beds) its the moments like these that remind us what life is really all about.
Nic xxx

Nic Wood said...

oops sorry about the spelling!!!

kathie said...

I'm not surprised you flaked on the bed like that. You must have really needed it, and your body took over.
I totally understand where you're coming from in terms of your job. My girlfriend just resigned from a job she was working in for years. She worked 2 days a week - Mon and Tues - and the boss gave her such a hard time about all the Mondays she had off as public holidays. It's hard when you're working part-time. Hang in there. Does it help knowing that it's only for a little while longer?

Jess said...

I have been reading your blog this week, but I've always been in a rush, so this comment is to cover all of them! Your layouts from the weekend were beautiful as always, and I love the opportunity to see them IRL because they're even better then. I'm so glad you had a good weekend, although it's a shame you got home to sickies. Hope everyone is better now. And like everyone else - you are such an amazing woman with all that you do. You constantly amaze me! Don't overdo it though, and tell your boss to pull his head in!

Thinking of you.