Tuesday, July 25, 2006

it's a no go!

Resized some recent pics to upload and share, but blogger isn't playing nice and won't let me upload them. Will try again tomorrow.

Today I had kinder duty. We went to visit a kinder friend who lives in the next street. She also invited another mum/little boy from kinder. Our boys are all "best friends". Dropped Ethan off at my sisters while I went to kinder duty. It's a little frustrating doing kinder duty as I want to go to see what Liam is like there. See how he interacts with his teachers, the other children. Do a little comparing and see in my mind where Liam stands as far as being ready for school, speech etc. The frustrating thing about it? I think he behaves differently when I am there, so I can't really get a 'real' picture. He'll be sooky and hang on to me and cry if he can't do something he wants to do etc. He had a little teary sook today at one stage, then later on, as they were getting ready for their snack and all the kids were sitting on the floor, it was his turn to be the monitor (I think it's always the child who's mum is on duty). He holds up lots of cards with the childrens names on them, and each child has to recognise their name and then go and wash their hands and get their snack. So today was Liam's turn. But he just sat in the chair in a daze, he showed each card, but wasn't really looking at them to turn them over if they were upside down etc. Things that I know he can do. I don't pressure him or anything, it's just a little frustrating. Some days I think he is so ready to go to school, then other days - like today, I think he definatly needs another year of kinder/leap.

Last week when I spoke quickly to his teacher she mentioned that he still has a little trouble concentrating on things for long periods. I thought this was really strange as at home he will sit and do activities for anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours! After mentioning it to another kinder mum friend (who happened to be on duty that day) she commented that there is nothing wrong with Liam's concentrating, it's *one particular boy* who keeps comming over and grabbing Liam's sleeve and trying to pull him away every 2 minutes. I've been trying to tell Liam to tell this boy to wait, as he is finishing [this]. It's not working yet. It frustrates me so much, as this other child obviously has trouble concentrating, but does the teacher say anything about him... well not to me.

Another thing that gives me the irits is one of the little boys in Liam's swimming - well his mum actually! She comes each week, plops her son in the pool, sits back and burries herself in her knitting, looking up only when the class is finished and her son reappears at her side. Mean while her son is bouncing around the pool like a crazy child. Inbetween their turns with the teacher they are told they have to sit on the step at the end of the pool and wait until it is their turn. Liam does this, and at any time he may get carried away I just quietly say "Liam, sit on the step" or "Liam, listen to Ria" and he does. This other child though is bouncing all over the teacher, and the child who is supposed to be getting the attention, making it impossible for the teacher to give them her attention as she has to stop every 30 seconds and put this child back on the step. No matter how loudly she says his name and tells him to go back, the mother just keeps on knitting. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! I tell you I want to reach into the pool and plonk him up on the side, or make him sit with him mum. I don't know how the teacher stays so calm. It's just so anoying that the class is forced to revolve around him, and the three other kids seem to miss out.

OK, rant over, I'm off to bed!


Megan said...

Man that mother sounds like she is using swimming as a babysitting service, not a learning opportunity. No wonder the kids mucks around so much - his mum doesn't pay attention to him. I can see why this would be so frustrating for you.

Sofi p said...

Katie, I agree with Katie, sounds like the child at swimming is seeking attention.

Donna said...

What a pain in the rear! That sort of thing totally iritates me too! :)

lyndwyer said...

KATIE.....some parents shouldn't have kids!